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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
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Apr 04, 12

it was amazing
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Read from March 29 to April 04, 2012

Well this is how i picture Jane and V in my mind.

Oh my! Good book. But that end messed everything up. The story was going so well until that chapter where everything changed.
It could be worse in a way that we could have lost Jane for good, but it was still an end that i wasn't happy at all.
When i started to read this book i already new about this tragic event, but i wanted to know how Ward would fix this or if she would at all. So i gave it a try, because deep inside everytime i was reading this series i always thought that no matter how bad things were, Ward would find a way to fix things and give us satifactory happy end.
Well not this time, and now it's like i can't trust her anymore.

But don't get me wrong, this books is still good. It's not my favorite, but also not the worst for me.

Well actually i wish i could have seem more about the other brothers and their shelans. It's just that sometimes it doesn't look like to be about the brothers anymore. I mean, almost every brother already had his book and now they are just a small part of the background. The first 3 books we saw so much of everyone. We were so into their own lives but now!? Not so much... The brother and the couple that we still see a little bit more is Zsadis(maybe bc he is her favorite brother)and Plury of course bc he didn't have he's own book. But boy... i miss Rhage and Mary. Where are they!? I feel like she's living them behind so she can give more room for the next character there will have their own books in the future. But the thing is, they're not the original BDB. So i still want to read more about them. How is their own lives. I mean, how is Wrath/Beth and Rhage/Mary relationship!? She just don't forget about Z and Bella.

Well about this book, the love story was the best thing about the book as always, but the other great thing about this one, is that we don't have to deal with the Lessers pov. Boy, this is always boring, so it was good not having it. The scenario changed, now we get to see more the "other side". We learn more about Scribe Virgin and The Chosens. We meet Cormia here, she's the Primale mate. And at first i can say that i didn't like her very much. This too inocent types like her and Marissa don't make my head. But you know what!? I liked her. She's not like all of the other chosens. And i can understand her innocence, i mean, she didn't live in "this side" so she doesn't know how things works, it's not like Marissa who i could'n buy all that innocence. I mean, ok her parents didn't talk with her, but what about movies, books and internet?! Come on we are living in 21 century. So Ward pushed this too much in the last book.

But back to this book, we still have John's pov. It's better now, because he finally changed. But for me, it's still boring, but you know what!? That's because he is very much boring. The only good thing about his pov it's because we get to see him with Z witch is playing a very good friend/father for him, Christ! Z changed so much. Ow and there is still his other friends, i love those boys. He couldn't be in better hands.

Ow Plury... i love this brother. What he did for V was so nice. I really want him to fall in love and live Bella behind. In fact, as chosen is perfect for him. Ow and it was so good to be able to see more about Z and Bella.

So about our main romance. God I love Jane. She's not the girlie type. She is so confident, tough, brave, inteligent, kind... a perfect match for V. She totally got him. They are perfect together. The only thing that bothered me a bit it was how fast they fell in love. I mean, i can understand him, in this vampire kind everything is diferent, but Jane?! She realized she loved him in just one weekend. WTF! Too fast. But that's ok.
But God that Scribe Virgin and V thing i never saw coming. It totally surprised me. But i love how they were trying to sort things out. His gift was really sweet.

But all in all it was a good book.
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Ow i can't forget to comment about V and Butch. What was all that chat about sex, and love?! Ow man... this was so weird. I'm happy that V left this behind.

Well i would give this book 5 stars if it wasn't for that tragic end, so because of that, i'm going to give it 4 and i think its well deserved. I can't give it more that this.

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