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Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen
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Aug 20, 12

Read from May 13 to 31, 2012

Dark Kiss has an interesting concept. One that I found intriguing, and new, but the fact that the female lead was an annoying installment caused a serious drift in my interest for the book.

I really disliked Samantha. I felt she was too annoying, and childish at times, she just didn't seem to know how to make up her damn mind. Which bugged me to say the least. And that we got the story from her pov really killed me. I couldn't take it.

Bishop wasn't such a remarkable character for me. He seemed so dull and most of the time, he just seemed to be there as opposed to making his presence known. He sort of lingered through the book, losing his mind, and annoying me by saying Samantha was "special" at every turn -.- Why is she special, hmm? I found nothing interesting about her.

Kraven however, is a different story. I really loved his character, and I wish there would have been more on him. Seeing the story from his point of view would have been way better. His sarcastic humor made me LOL literally, and that he's a demon is definitely a plus ;)

I would have liked to have seen more action. The pace was rather slow, but the overall writing was great. Will I continue the series, however? If I have to sit through another entire book with Samantha's point of view, then sadly, no. Not even to learn more on Kraven would I continue. Add in some shifting POV's, and/or exclude Sam from it, and I'll gladly read it! :D Lol The story is a good one, and it's interesting, it's just that I didn't like her at all. It didn't appeal to me, but maybe it will appeal to you :)

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Reading Progress

05/13/2012 page 1
0.0% "Angels & Demons all in one book. Let it Begin.."
05/13/2012 page 14
4.0% "i got about fourteen pages in before I had to go work -.-t Now I'm looking forward to really reading this ^-^"
05/14/2012 page 31
9.0% "Where is Bishop? *Scowls*"
05/15/2012 page 51
15.0% "I wonder if Bishop's wings are white, or are they black? x]"
05/15/2012 page 63
18.0% "She's driving me nuts! -,-"
05/15/2012 page 64
18.0% "lmao @Kraven."
05/15/2012 page 84
24.0% "God, I really don't like Samantha. But I like Bishop and Kraven ^-^"
05/30/2012 page 87
25.0% ""Why was I still talking to him, edging closer to him with every moment that passed? Why couldn't I just turn away and go get Carly?" --My thoughts exactly Sam, I mean really you "hate" him so much. Go away! -.- Lol. Thought I'd finally catch up on reading this book :D"
05/30/2012 page 125
36.0% "She's a fucking Mary Sue. NO. WAY! -.-t I'm officially disgusted"
05/30/2012 page 132
38.0% ""You have a heartbeat." --You've got to be kidding me *face palm* I seriously don't know how much more of this book I can take, I'd refused to get my hopes up for it.. now I'm glad I didn't. Smh.."
05/30/2012 page 143
41.0% "What part of Go Home did she not fucken' understand? -.-t"
05/30/2012 page 147
42.0% "Thank god the demon just slammed her on the floor--Hard! >:D"
05/30/2012 page 161
46.0% "Brothers? I should be shocked but, I was kind of expecting that. Le sigh, Kraven you are the reason I'm still reading this book..."
05/30/2012 page 191
55.0% "She would let someone else brain wash her. stupid -.- Where are the guys? *Note: at this point, I'm practically skimming through the book... this is just sad..."
05/31/2012 page 239
69.0% ""Uh oh, trouble in paradise," Kraven murmured. "News at eleven." --LMFAO, I just love Kraven x]"
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Kraven's the best. :3

Neyra ♦ I'm liking him so far x]

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