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City of Golden Shadow by Tad Williams
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Mar 29, 12

Paul Jonas is lying in the middle of a muddy battlefield at night. It's 1918. All night long a man persistently wails and moans in pain and it's driving Paul crazy. When daylight breaks and the gunfire ceases, Paul climbs out of the trench and staggers toward the man, intent on killing him and putting them both out of misery. But just as he reaches the man, a shell flies through the air and sends Paul into an entirely different world where a monstrous tree reaches into the clouds. He begins to climb.
Renie Sulaweyo teaches advanced networker programming and virtual reality is as much a part of her life as the real world itself. When her younger brother falls into a coma, she takes !Xabbu, a young bushman, with her on a virtual reality search for her brother's attacker. She doesn't know the meaning of the round yellow gem placed into her hand by a mysterious stranger.
Christabel Sorensen's parents don't want her to visit the old man Mister Sellars, but she is intrigued by him. She isn't sure but it looks like Mister Sellars can go onto the net without a helmet or a wire in his neck, like the men who work for her daddy at the military base. Lately things are becoming stranger with each visit.
14-year-old Orlando spends his lonely days plugged into the net where his sim Thargor is the most famous character in Middle Country.
When a vision of a shining golden city causes Thargor to be killed, Orlando wonders if it was a trap. The city seemed so real... He convinces his net friend Pithlit to go with him on a dangerous search.
All the while the Grail Brotherhood, consisting of the world's wealthiest people, continue with their shadowy pursuits. Lord Osiris manages a group of powerful servants, including Dread - his most destructive servant.
What ties all these people together? Otherland: a universe where any fantasy can be made real. Volume 1 is just the beginning...

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