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Leaving by Karen Kingsbury
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Mar 30, 12

Read in March, 2012

While I thoroughly enjoyed this and for the most part could barely put it down, there were a few things that bothered me so much I could not give it a 5 star rating.

The premise captivated me. As a HUGE fan of Broadway and musicals and someone with acting/Broadway dreams myself, I felt I would be able to relate to Bailey. But this book annoyed me so much when it switched to the Baxter parts. I understand Kingsbury has another series about them, but those chapters were SO annoying; they made the book drag on endlessly, and every single time I was like "Uggg great, it's a chapter about THEM." I want to know what happens with Bailey and Cody, not them. And while the chapters ended sweetly, I do not think this series is the place for Kingsbury to continue the Baxter saga. She should have made a different series. If the rest of the books have their chapters... ugggg. I will be really skipping them, and I hate skipping parts, but the whole point is BAILEY'S story, not some completely irrelevant separate plot ugggg. I even thought about giving it 3 stars because of the Baxter chapters.

Then there's the Christian thing. I an a huge fan of Kingsbury and Christian fiction, but there is a such thing making it TOO Christian to the point where it feels completely forced, fake, and unrelatable. Especially in Brandon's and BAILEY'S cases. I feel that Brandon especially, in reality, while redeemed by God would at least have SOME struggles still with his old ways and addictions. It would not just be all peachy since he accepted Christ, especially not in Hollywood. I'm not saying he should give into temptation, I'm just saying he should have had some struggles. Especially because he's a huge Hollywood star. I think Bailey would encounter more too from being in the Broadway/Hollywood scene. It was just like everything was STILL absolutely perfect because though they're famous they have God. YES it would be so much better, but in reality there would be much more struggle and pressure in the limelight, even with God.

I would have felt this book WAY more real and not ENTIRELY fiction if the characters hadn't been so freaking everything-is-just-dandy over-the-top Christian. More like Brad in Shades of Blue, who struggles with the reality of God and still has pressure, but he still trusts God. Just not in an unbelievable-this-is-totally-fiction way.

Also, most of the lovey-dovey scenes are PURE cheese. I really enjoyed them, but there were certain moments I was just like COME ON THIS IS SO NOT BELIEVEABLE.

I can't wait to read the next ones, except for the Ashley/Landon chapters. I will be skipping those because they just ruin the series. Hopefully there's not as much fluff and cheese also.

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message 1: by Jade (new)

Jade Chapman The Baxters are in no way an irrelevant, unrelated subplot. Bailey was first introduced to us in the Baxter series, and really became an honorary Baxter herself due to her family's close friendship with them.

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