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Skylark by Meagan Spooner
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So i was thisclose to passing on this book, based on discouraging review. I'm so glad I didn't.

Not that she wasn't right, however-- the first half of the book IS a bit of a confusing, disjointed mess. And yeah, you're really not given a lot of background or world building to help things along. I HATED that about Article 5. But the difference seems to be that in Article 5 all the issues about the past war and the current structure of society were actually very relavent to understanding the story itself as it was unfolding. It felt like being a little kid and not knowing exactly what was going on in an adult conversation: frustrating, excluded.

In Skylark, the situation isn't much better, but I guess what makes it passable is that Lark, like the other citizens, has been kept from the information too. They don't know much about what happened, and they're pretty complacent about it. Without have the big info dump, the reader is just as surprised/confused/whatever as Lark. With so much unknown, you're scared along with her. When done well, this is a concrete way to make a "page-turner." Sometimes....not so much. Skylark kinda falls in between.

What really surprised me though, was that it took me until the last 1/4 of the book to realize how much I was into it. I liked the characters. The twists were awful yet awesome for how easily I let myself fall into them. And above all, by the end, I was looking forward to the next *couple* of books. I see a lot of story yet to be told, not just an agonizing drawing-out of one book into three. Despite the weaknesses, I think there's major potential, and I'm just hoping that FINALLY, a series will deliver.

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