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Crucible of Gold by Naomi Novik
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Mar 31, 12

Read from March 29 to 31, 2012

One of the best additions to this series since the initial work "His Majesty's Dragon." Where some of the other novels have a tendency to plod along through the wilderness of both scenery and plot (*cough* Victory of Eagles), Crucible of Gold moves from one fast-paced adventure to the next, without being a connivance by the author to keep reader interest. Particularly, the humorous development of Iskierka's (the irrepressible pirate of a dragon)and Temeraire's (the musing, self-controlling philosopher of a dragon) relationship from one of perpetual annoyance and begrudging admiration to a true adult friendship had me laughing out loud through the entire book.

I feel like in this novel, Naomi Novik took the time and care to consider the reader's full attention and interest, and really shows her growth as an author and ability to expand upon a universe that is both delightful and thrilling.

I cannot WAIT for the next novel and their trip through North America, as she provides a glimpse of that final continent as our intrepid heroes wage war against a devastatingly growing Napoleon-controlled war. It truly begs the question in the depths of my soul, one met with both horror and morbid curiosity: what WOULD Napoleon have done if he had dragons?
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Jeffery Conklin The different dragons are styled on different breeds of cats and their personality traits. Regal Coppers are Maine Coon Cats with their size tendency towards lethargy and overall good nature. Celestial/imperials are Siamese with their lithe athletic slight frames and regal manners. The Turkish iskerka is probably a Persian with their reputation for belligerence and combativeness.

Just a thought on where Naomi is getting the inspiration for the traits of some of her Dragon breeds.

Laney My sister (who also loves these books) and I have both always said that the dragons and Temeraire in specific resemble no other creature so much as a cat! I totally agree.

Jeffery Conklin If you really are wondering about Dragons and Napoleonic war check my review of Blood of a Tyrants #8.

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