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Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis
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Not to bad, I love the jen Charachter and in all honesty she is the reason I could read the second book. The rest of the story was maybe a 3 but she added a point and a half, making it not only bareable but fun!
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Quotes Alexandra Liked

Quinn Loftis
“Do all of you think we have fleas?" Decebel asked as he looked at Jen and Sally.
"I think we just make an assumption because of the hair and what not, that you, ya know, might have a problem with the little buggers when you in your wolf form.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

Quinn Loftis
“She gets a man who will love her completely and faithfully. She gets a man who will not only save her life, but lay down his own to keep her safe. He will provide for her no matter the cost, he will shelter her against all storms that come their way, he will be the one to bring a smile to her face when no one else can. She gets a friend, a lover, a mate, the only man in this world who can complete her and give her the other half of her soul.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

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50.0% "Um, not great! Kinda boring and annoying at the same time, a few good parts but, not to awesome yet..."
60.0% "Getting better, I love Jen and Sally they are hilarious and I like that Jen is becoming a main character too, if she wasn't I would leave the series."

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Toni Jen is my favorite as well.. She crackes up.. The 3rd book .. just wait till you find out what she does!

Tiawni I liked these books.

Alexandra  Harris Toni wrote: "Jen is my favorite as well.. She crackes up.. The 3rd book .. just wait till you find out what she does!"

Is the third one out, its not showing up in my nook shop?

Tiawni I haven't seen it out just yet.

Tiawni Sorry I forgot yes it's out. It's call just one drop book 3 in the grey wolves series. I know you can get it on amazon for 2.99. I hope this helps you out.

Toni Yes thats it.. Just One Drop! I think its the best one out of the 3!

Tiawni I don't know I think it is a toss up between 1 and 3.

Alexandra  Harris Omg I loved it! I can't wait for the next one to come out! Does anyone know when that is? I loved the third one the best, I love Jen and Dec, perfect couple!

Toni I have to agree Alex.. They are the perfect couple! The next book comes out in June!

Alexandra  Harris Yea! I am so excited, I'm going to see if I can pre order it lol.

Tiawni Let me know if that can be done.

Alexandra  Harris Nope not yet :( But I went to the Authors page and left her our information so maybe we can arrange an event with her.

Tiawni That would be great. Has anyone seen the new mystic wolves book out?

message 14: by Toni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Toni That would be awesome Alex... Tiawni I have not see it!

Tiawni I heard that it was going to come out in March but I didn't see it anywhere. But thanks.

message 16: by Toni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Toni Oops that was suppose to have bee seen!! lol

Alexandra  Harris It comes out in Feb of next year :(

message 18: by Toni (new) - rated it 5 stars

Toni Oh well I was way off.. I thought I read somewhere in june! that sucks!

Alexandra  Harris Oh wait your right, nm! It is June. I was thinking Frost Burned #7 in Mercedes (Mercy) Thompson By Patricia Briggs

Opps lol

Tiawni We all seem to be wanting all the same books to get here so we can read

message 21: by Alexandra (last edited Apr 09, 2012 06:51PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alexandra  Harris lol, I hate that half of them wont be out while I'm here lol. My unit leaves for B.I.O.P Iraq on July 24th :(

Tiawni No way. You have to send me the address so I can write you then. That way we can stay in touch while you are over there.

Alexandra  Harris Absolutely, last time I went wasn't too bad, but the time before that.. I came home and they did away with free cable and came up with HD everything and all this other stuff. I was gone for 18 months and when I got home all DVD players changed, computers and TVs... lets just say I was freaked out. I thought everyone was playing a trick on me with the whole HD thing lol. This last tour there was only 1 new thing and that was 3d tvs and phones thank god lol.

Tiawni Kinda of like waking from a long coma or something.. I can feel for you there.

Alexandra  Harris Lucky for me I have an awesome husband and family, although I felt a bit like Helen Keller with technology, they got me up to par pretty quick.

Tiawni well that is good.

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