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La Perdida by Jessica Abel
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Mar 29, 2012

did not like it

The dust jacket is the only reason this book should get a single star, its beautifully done and with a grat color pallette. Besides that, this is the perfect book to take to a campmfire if you are out of wood or fuel. Terrible story, full of cliches, awful black and white drawings. Maybe if it had been done in full color it could have been eye catchy, but its not. It does not seem to start that bad , but as you continue it only gets worse. The depction of mexico city at the beginning is quite fair, but as it goes on, it uses the same resources every simplistic and bad story taken part in Mexico´s capital uses, partucularly kidnapping (there are so many bad kidnaping stories taken place in mexico city, it could be a genre by itself). I dont understand how the author became such a refential point within women graphic novel creators, with such a lousy book.

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