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Clockwise by Elle Strauss
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Mar 29, 2012

really liked it
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Read on March 29, 2012

Time traveling is on a roll for me! This is the second time travel book I have read this week and it's the second one that I have really enjoyed. They were a little different. In Golden Blood by Melissa Pearl, the father actually controls when and where his children travel back to. In Clockwise, Casey has no control over when she "trips" as her friend calls it. And she always goes back to the same time period. I think the clockwise time travel is scarier for a few reasons. One, she goes by herself so it has to be more isolating and lonely for her. And two she has absolutely no control over it. She doesn't even know how long she will be gone for. That has got to be tough.

I really liked Casey. She is resourceful. (I bet she would make an AWESOME Girl Scout- haha) She is practical and strong willed. Those are all really admirable traits. Of course, she is still a typical teenager. She fell "in love" with Nate the first time she saw him. And of course, he turns out to be the popular/jock guy at school. But once you get to know him, he turns out to be so much more. They both do really. I enjoyed watching their relationship progress because it was a pretty slow progression. Nate doesn't actually show any interest until well over half way through the book. That is a pretty good pace for me.

I would have liked to see a few more bonding moments for them though. I know tripping is what bonded them the most, but it seemed like Nate started liking Casey simply because they were around each other more. Which is a pretty good reason, because he got to know her but I would have like a bit more insight into their conversations and whatnot. I must say, I did enjoy the few jealous moments that Nate had. And towards the end of the book Nate was seriously sweet. Always checking for dark circles under Casey's eyes. Too cute. He really grew on me.

The plot of Clockwise is really unique. I really enjoyed watching how everything fit together. I'm not really sure where the second book is going to go but I am really excited to find out! If the pacing and writing is anything like this book, I know I will enjoy it a lot! Since I have been on a time traveling kick, does anyone else know of any time travel recommendations for me? I would love to read some more!

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