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The Wave by Todd Strasser
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Mar 29, 12

Read on March 28, 2012

A friend of mine told me about this book that she had read in high school that had stayed with her all these years. It's about a high school history class that learns about Nazi Germany and what happened there. The kids are distraught and can't believe how anyone could let something like that happen. Why didn't they just stop him, why did everyone go along with it? Because of these questions the teacher decided to do an experiment with the kids. It worked a little too well and at the end the kids were one step away from becoming Hitler's next youth regime. They learned a very powerful lesson how quickly things can get out of hand and how easy it is to blindly follow someone for the good of the group.

I too always wonder how things could happen the way they did back then so this opened my eyes as to just how quickly something that is started with good intentions can end up so wrong in the hands of the wrong people.

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