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Vintage Veronica by Erica S. Perl
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I did not finish this book. I stopped reading when title character Veronica did something very bad to her only true friend in the book (who also happened to be her boyfriend) in favor of the "popular" girl she wanted to be best friends with...a girl she actually disliked at the start of the book. By page 6, I despised Veronica, but I thought she'd get better, so I kept reading. Writers, here's a tip: If you insist on writing main characters who are going to walk around fat and dressed like a freak, make them OWN IT. Do not use it as a tool to gain the reader's sympathy while your character whines about her appearance and crappy self-esteem, because frankly, I DON'T CARE. Don't have her intentionally strap a target to her back and then expect me to feel for her when someone takes a whack at the bullseye. I really hate writers who play the poor-me-main-character card. If you want me to feel something for your character, I know it's hard and a pita and all on accounta you actually have to work at the writing, but you have to give me an actual reason to care about her, and frankly, "Everyone makes fun of me because I make myself as unattractive and weird-looking as possible," is NOT a reason. Srsly. As I said, I stopped reading at the halfway point. Veronica disgusted me too much for me to care whether or not she ever got her act together.
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Scribblegirl Oh, ok, and she's mean and judgy herself, on top of it. UNlike.

Ilka Piedade I had a slightly claustrophobic experience with this book, but I think the problem is with me

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