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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Mar 29, 2012

it was amazing

I have to admit i like these type of books and are drawn to it. Stories about survival in the wild, making something out of nature, kind of post-apocalyptic, a bit about politics/mind games and so on (and in a quick/light-read) but as i read the hunger games the more i liked it. I might say it is in my favorite young adult book list. The characters had at least personality and development(or maybe this was in the other books haha). Katniss for example, had conflicting emotions, actions that were not really in line with her character, sometimes a coward and sometimes fierce smart and spunky. The story line and characters weren't very predictable and it had a certain amount of suspense and subtleness. I have to read it more though to digest more of it and say more about it though. I guess reading the book when all three are complete also changes some opinion about the book. The book had a certain amount of darkness such as the dying, manipulation and business aspect of the games and so on.

(contains spoilers)
They probably did not disclose on much information on how history came to be(withthe assumption that after all the things that happened in the world this society became dystopian), if there were other civilizations that they came into contact with aside from the capitol and the district but i am guessing that they did not feel it too relevant in the story. Like one day you just wake up and things were like that and nobody really seemed to know much about the past. Post-Apocalyptic right? information may not have been passed down. I wish it were said though. Then i think of how Katniss is aware of the cameras trailing her on such environment. I wonder if it is the same for reality show stars to be aware from time to time about the camera. I mean, behavior wise is this the case for reality stars? I also think that despite the interesting way the capitol citizens were portrayed with the outrageous styles and all, could there be perhaps some symbolism for it or maybe just a not so amazing way of showing how different the capitol is from the districts. How did their society become THAT different and why are they all under the capitol in the first place. Yes the capitol might be a dictator but why are they all linked in the first place? Despite plot on how Katniss has become a political icon, it does not much dive into the politics of a symbol-who is katniss (in all 3 books). Sure she is at times used by the bigger players of society because she isspopular but i kind of find it weird on how society would just drop her in the last book when she killed the president. I mean, I would have appreciated to know what happened even if briefly to such a symbol. Surely she would not have been condemned and thrown rather easily by the public after what happened. more so she had been put to arrest for months. Then there's also the question of system when apparently 75 years it's just hunger games and all. No mention of any uprising or rebellious attitude over the years which is weird and a glitch in the plot if i might say. Even if it's young adult, even if it may not matter much to how the story goes i believe understanding some of these things or even mention it in passing is vital to get sucked into that world. (i can compare it somehow to the giver with many holes but still interesting and enough to give out a message) but it makes me think that we are more drawn in to the intrigues and the issues that happen in the storyline rather than the setting/ world of it. I also like how some questions are left unanswered and open for interpretation (such as were the contests really rigged? who really set up the bombs?)

there are some similarities with a lord of the flies (it just reminded me of it) but not by so much. the book has that in moderation as compared to some books i have seen about survival where they completely lose it. I also liked how the book combined technology and reality shows we have here in modern times to something brutal like the games in the roman times. Although the values and the evils must be universal, it would have been a great plus if the book had some foresight of what else could there be in such a place aside from a realityshowlike-romangames type of hunger games.

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