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God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens
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May 11, 12

Read from March 28 to May 09, 2012

I picked this up from the library in the aftermath of Hitchens death, and the overwhelming praise I had heard about him from both religious and secular people. Never having read a book on the argument of atheism, I thought this was a good starting point. I'm going to guess that Christopher didn't lose a whole lot of debates in his life time, as he is incredibly thorough in explaining his thoughts, and perceiving the arguments that may be posed. Without getting into my own personal beliefs, I would encourage people from all walks of life to give this book a read if for no other reason than to challenge yourself. If you are a faithful person, the fundamentals of faith should not be shaken by this. However, your intellect should. I will say that I am a person who questions pretty much everything, and this was a satisfying read because of how thorough it is. Extremely well researched and cited, a very compelling case presented here as to how religion has caused so much pain and strife in the world, past & present, and that faith should be constantly re-evaluated and questioned as a necessary tool to live in a society that necessitates morals and ethics. Hitch's biggest points, for me at least, are that this day in age does not need religion and faith to help steer humankind into a direction of peaceful coexistence because for centuries it has proven to be the underlying force that has KEPT us from it, time and time again. So, go ahead, tickle your intellect and read this.

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