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The Emerald Storm by Michael J. Sullivan
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Jul 27, 2012

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Read from March 28 to May 10, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I'm growing to like this series more and more with each installment. Great action scenes. Sullivan is a master of suspense. I normally am not a super fast reader. I prefer to thouroughly absorb a book, but I really fly through these books, which is a nice change.

Each book ends with a very suspenseful and dramatic cliff-hanger. They kind of feel like a a really good TV mini-series.

The author is so adept at throwing the reader a surprise right when it's most needed. I love the intrguing character revelations that you get in this book. The most fascinating one for me in this book was..


the guy who is basically trying to exterminate all the elves of the world because of his deep-seated hatred and disgust for them. He actually says that they are an abomination to the god(s). Then we find out that he secretly IS AN ELF HIMSELF. or at least partly elf. (an ELF himSELF---what a fun rhyme!) So really his hatred stems from some kind of sick and twisted self-loathing.

This guy and others in the series like him are the Nazis of the fantasy world! Instead of seeking out people who attend synagogues and have certain facial features---they're seeking to exterminate any who can see really well in the dark, have extraordinary physical agility and pointed ears! What an interesting sub-plot!! I can't wait for something really bad and gruesome and fitting to happen to these deplorable elf-haters.

There are still several things that I keep expecting and hoping to see in this series that I've yet to find. I liked that sheltered, book loving, unworldly monk! (What was his name?) think he got a brief mention in this book, but where is he?

And if we don't at some point get to see this super intriguing, secretive, hidden land of the elves---I'm really going to be ticked off.

Anyway, still loving this series. Keep up the great work, Mr. Sullivan.
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