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Drop Dead, Gorgeous! by MaryJanice Davidson
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Apr 02, 2012

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bookshelves: romance, humor, detective-bounty-hunter
Read from April 01 to 02, 2012

** spoiler alert ** Setting: OSI headquarters, The Snakepit/Kansas World Fair grounds, Grand Hotel/Minneapolis

Theme: trusting yourself, overcoming bad childhoods, love

Caitlyn James / Dimitri: Back for Jessica’s wedding. Caitlyn still grousing about the Boss, Dimitri is unemotional to others but passionate with Ciatlyn. They work for the Boss as they agree with his requests/dommands.

Stacey / The Boss: Getting married, two years have passed. Someone takes a shot at Jessica, but hits the Boss in the shoulder – after the guests escorted out, the ceremony continues, they are not going to reschedule. At the end, The Boss realizes he has a family – of Stacey, Caitlyn & Dimitri,& Jenny & Kevin ahhhhh.

Charmer / The Boss’ daughter: Head bad guy at the snakepit, and working out her own rebellion against her father, the Boss (which we find out at the end). Hmmmm

Jenny Branch: Caitlyn’s unassuming manager at Mag’s, but a woman of many talents. When the cake decorator gets a migraine, she leaves the cakes and frosting – so Jenny steps in and frosts and decorates a beautiful cake (getting her bridesmaid’s dress very messy)… She can shoot a gun perfectly, she has a black belt, she has multiple degrees, and she is only 25 (doesn’t watch tv). She was raised by alcoholics, her mother dying, her father very indifferent except to remind her that she has nothing to offer the world. She is ready to ‘star in her own movie’.

Kevin Stone: 3rd generation mafia family – his early memories were of attempts made on his father’s life and moving a lot. As a teen he decides he wants a different way, and he does not lie for his siblings or father to keep them out of jail, and he joins the good guys… and ends up in COPS… and goes undercover to infiltrate the Snakepit, figuring his family would not find him. He is undercover for 4 years, but funding ended for COPS a year earlier, and they didn’t pull him out. And the Snakepit head guy, The Charmer wants Jessica killed before she is to be married, and sends Kevin to the hotel.

Plot: The Boss is shot instead of Jessica, and he sends Caitlyn / Dimitri after the shooter… But Jenny finds him in the bathroom, and disarms him (realizing he was probably letting her) – and of course there are fissions of attraction between them. When who he is and his assignment is confirmed, and with a bit of chagrin over his not being pulled when his agency was disbanded, he is brought into headquarters.

Somehow it is decided that he is to go back and do some harm, get copies of what he can… and Jenny volunteers to go with him, to act as his hostage, to act as a secretary in the OSI, to get him back in. hmmmm she wants more in her life, she wants to prove she is not worthless.

They go, she is taken to the interrogation room for 3 hours, (and here is where the science doesn’t quite make it)… she is drugged, she spills her guts – of what they instilled in her the night before (not the truth of being a fake secretary?!?)… she has a capsule of something in a tooth to release to counter the drugs affects which she pops at the 3rd hour… the interrogator decides to rape her, seeing her as helpless – she kung fus him, knocking him senseless, just as Kevin comes to her rescue – and he kicks him into unconsciousness. He has already had time to snag what info he can and to plant charges in strategic areas. He takes Jessica to the Charmer, the Charmer locks them up together in a holding cell… they have quick sex… he picks the lock… they take all night to get out of World Fair grounds, disabling some guards, hiding in the Snakehouse (where they have sex again, to keep Kevin’s mind off his fear of snakes) and in the Fun House… and as they approach the gates, Charmer is there, and she is surrendering to them (hmmm?), and … they take her in… to daddy’s office … hmmmm

And Kevin and Jenny have a night of great sex – in a bed… but when she wakes up, he is gone… leaving a note, making some excuse about being alone too long and not wanting her to have to deal with bad guys. Eight days later, in Prague on an op, Jenny shows up to complete trade off of information… and makes it clear she goes where he goes… Jenny is a new OSI operative… ahhhh


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