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Great White Sharks by Sandra Markle
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Mar 28, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2012

Many people know them as the king of the sea. Others refer to them as monsters and scary creatures. A lot of scientists and experts say they are seriously misunderstood animals. The shark is a huge, animal, the is quiet and captures its prey before it has time to run. This book is a good resource for students who are looking into finding out more about the lives of this aquatic hunter. Great white sharks are one of the biggest and most popular types of sharks known to man. It is also on the way to being endangered with all the people thinking they can catch them and end up hurting them. Although this book has great information, it also has some graphic pictures. The book shows the life of a shark, how they hunt, the size of their teeth, even how long and far the can jump out of water. It is a great informational book of such a scary predator.
This book gives a great amount of detail of the Great White shark that I had never know before. It is not a whole scientific report of how the they swim, what they eat everyday, or how they find mates, but it gives you the bass details of what someone should know if they are looking for information of sharks. The facts are given in paragraph form, very concise and short, but gives you the most beneficial facts that should be know of the animal. The appeal of this book is great for children. The pictures are vivid, detailed and draws you in from the very beginning with the cover shot. The author shows great enthusiasm and respect for these creatures. They stress how their hunting of other animals is important for their survival and how even though people do not like them, they should be treated with respect as any other wild creature.
I would recommend this book to any child or person wanting to get some quick, accurate and detailed information of Great White sharks. The book, is short but gives great depth of the animal. The pictures are amazing and gives the aspect as if you were swimming with them in the ocean. I do not think it is a good book for very young children because it does have some minor graphic pictures of the shark hunting and seals bleeding. Although, for those who can handle a little gore, it is a great information book!

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