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The Road of Danger by David Drake
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Mar 27, 2012

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I admit, I haven't read any of the previous books in this series, but really, I wouldn't call this a space opera, which is what attracted me to this book. I have a soft spot for the high action, high drama of space operas... this seemed to me to be so slow as to be mostly character development, though there's some space opera-like action at the end.
It's a tale of a naval corvette and her crew as they are sent on a 'hopeless' task. They slowly wend their way through various challenges till finally near the end, they reach the planet where the focus of their 'hopeless' task lies and it turns out to not be hopeless at all, though there seems to be a few bureaucrats standing in their way.
I had a few questions about this book, like why one of the main characters is autistic or something and her servant is a sociopath... an odd combo for a hero set, difficult to have any empathy for cold killers with no emotions. Usually it's a different kind of novel that uses unsympathetic characters for its heroes. The main character, Captain Leary didn't seem to do much in this book, but the other characters spent a lot of time telling the reader how great he was, I wish he'd lived up to their expectations!
But then the author used a couple of interesting tricks that I liked, little side trips into 'local' alien flora and fauna, I really liked those small bits, I wish he'd written more about those.
But as far as 'space opera' goes, this book didn't come close to that billing, I'm not even sure why it was used, they need to stop calling it that or there will be some disappointed readers. It kept me reading, hoping that Miz Mundy would start having a personality, but she never did and I really can't see much going for this book. I hope the previous ones were much better, it really doesn't stand alone very well as new readers just don't know why the characters are so emotionless and cold.

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