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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Mar 27, 2012

really liked it
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Read from March 23 to 25, 2012

I was sure that I was one of the very few people who hadn’t read The Hunger Games. My friends had told me to read this book from long time ago but I didn’t do it. The fact is I don’t really like what most people like. So when I saw that this book was so widely known and so popular, I refused to read it so soon. I was planning to wait for the hype to calm down then read it after. But ok finally I gave in, but yes, I admit that I read the book so to watch the movie after.

Surprisingly, I found myself was engaged with the book from the first pages. The words seemed so attractive and I enjoyed most parts of it. So I now understand why people are crazy about this book. Not that I thought that The Hunger Games was bad before I read it. I was totally aware of its high rating and good reviews. So now that I have read it, I learned what people like about The Hunger Games.

The characters are strong, they have their own personalities and they are aware of their strength and weaknesses. I am quite happy that the hero and heroine are not so cruel. The games themselves have their nature to create monsters, killers, or murderers. The tributes are killing each other in order to win the game. I myself would never approve any acts like that. Too bad that in this book I found that it was quite thrilling (oops!!) but still I was hoping that things wouldn’t go so brutal. Once again, I want to say that I liked the way Peeta and Katniss (or I liked Catnip better, that reminds me of my childhood cartoon “Herman and Catnip”, hehe) use their knowledge, strength and strategies to survive the games without having to kill so many people. Well, though they also do kill some tributes, I just see them as a way of surviving.

There are some parts that I found seemed like forced to change the situation. Like when they change the rule of the game but suddenly in the end they change it back and change it again. I found it rigid, not so smooth and a bit confusing somehow. The ending as well, hmm… how to say? I was hoping that Katniss could be more firm with the current situation. We all know that from the very first time Katniss is mention in the book, she is described as a brave girl, somehow fearless and is willing to sacrifice herself for other people. But winning the game seems to make her confuse with herself and with everything surround her. It is somehow conflicting from the images we have already had about her. But well, maybe I can get the explanation in the next book. So I have to keep reading the sequel I guess. :)
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