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The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan
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Mar 27, 12

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy-sci-fi
Read in March, 2012

I wanted to take this series into at least the third book as writers usually hit their best around that time.

Well, there's about 4 stories interwoven. You know the primary protagonist is supposed to be Rand,
but more time is spent on other characters which makes this story confusing. Because of the time split amongst the storyline the characters aren't developed well, and things come easy to them.

Surrounded by unimaginable creatures that can destroy you. How does the author deal with it?
Deus ex machina! He introduces an element that is never spoken of before. Baddies are instantaneously eliminated and the characters proceed.

I give this series a D rating.
The characters aren't very fun, their progression isn't very well plotted out. I would rather the
story have been reduced to a focused character and it more richly developed than trying to make four
of them try and work. It's not like Game of thrones where you get the sense the author wrote each story separately and then spliced them together.

The characters make first book type comments which you wouldn't expect them
to make in the third book after already having experiencing so much (1200+ pages in). You know
in the fantasy genre the heroes come out on top, but what in part makes a good fantasy (or in any genre)is that there's some type of development (Dantes in Count of monte Cristo), or fun for the reader (Ignatius in Confederacy of Dunces), or cost to the character (Walker in Druid of Shannara.)
1800 pages into the series and I'm just not feeling it.

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message 1: by Phillip (new)

Phillip Tang Sorry you feel this way but balefire was introduced before this book.

Amanda Cobb I love the world he created and how there are so many well developed characters. Everyone is important. At this point in the series there isn't meant to be one main character.

Iqra Wow, have you even read the series properly? It sounds to me that you didn't even try to actually read the book and understand what is going on. And the other characters are just as important as Rand in the grand scheme of things. Without their side of the story a lot would not make sense. Also you said that the characters aren't developed properly? I don't see how they aren't. All the characters have very deeply developed characteristics and personalities. I'm not surprised you found this book confusing if you didn't even read it properly.

Kurtbg Thanks for the comment. I read the first three books. At the same time I was reading Terry Goodkind's sword of truth series. I found a lot I overlap in plot devices which seemed odd to me. Checking publishing dates I found TG's work (and ideas) came before RJ., because of that I felt WoT was derivative of SoT. I choose to drop the WoT series and give my time SoT. That's my assessment Sure, most fantasy is derivative plot and the Hero journey. I identified that too much much was lifted from elsewhere., so it didn't pass my sniff test (hey, I gave it three books to do so). I've been reading fantasy for at least 36 years and am pretty confident about my choices. Perhaps WoT gets great in book 4. Again, I gave 3 books of my time and have as much interest to give it a fourth chance as I do reading twilight #2 or the top selling shades of grey. If you liked WoT, great. It didn't work for me.

message 5: by Roc (new) - rated it 4 stars

Roc I'm sorry, I don't want to get much in the debate, but how can WoT be derivative of SoT if WoT was first published in 1990 and SoT in 1994?

Runa sorry, but can I just point out that "antagonist" means the adversary or the opponent of the story's hero? the word you're searching for to describe Rand is probably "protagonist". cheers.

Kurtbg Hey Roc:
Thanks for pointing out my errors. I must have taken edition dates from the books I had versus actual publishing dates. My bad!

Hey Runa: Totally correct with my pro and anti issue.
I've edited my review.

I know that reading is for enjoyment, and that can be subjective. I'm all for reading. I've edited my review, but not my response to Iqra because I have some strawberry cheesecake and front of me and I need to get on that.

Iqra, my apologies for my publishing date faux pas.

Michael Hey Kurt! Thank you for giving this review and I fell a little of the same way. What in the world happened to the villain in the prologue of the second book.. I thought he would be the main villain but.. No.. He just vanishes, and the same for this one so far. So I agree with you! And is it just me but The dark one was "killed" two times so far and I think its just going to be the same thing over and over every book.. Hahaha so the dark one dies 14 times >__< I like them.. Just the same thing over and over

Michael Feel*

The Black Hat Writer Yes, this story was chaotic and poorly handled. It shouod have been called "Cashing the Dragon" or "The Stone of Tear" or "The Blazing Blade." It had very little to do with Rand and a lot to do with those three boring women from his home village.

It was hard to even care about this.

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