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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
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Apr 30, 12

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I'm just going to come out and say it: Gone Girl pissed me off to no friggin' end. That's the one feeling that remained consistent to me throughout the whole novel. Sure the things that pissed me off were different each time I read a new chapter, but that feeling just did not go away while I was reading. In fact, it's still lingering despite the fact that I have already finished reading the novel. So just know that you might experience feelings that may vary from mild annoyance, to pissed off, to maybe, if you're particularly sensitive, out and out rage. There's my disclaimer.

First things first. I was highly annoyed at Gone Girl for the first 200 pages. It was just so ever-loving slow! And since I've read both of Gillian Flynn's novels, I was already spoiled to the fast pace that those novels employ (or rather, not the agonizingly slow pace that Gone Girl was lingering in). I was also spoiled to the fact that Gillian Flynn's previous novels all started off immediately creepy. I found the beginning of Gone Girl...mundane (although that probably reflects more on my reading experience of reading tons of creepy/horror books as opposed to the novel). So mundane that had this not been a Vine book, I would've stopped reading it. But since I have read it, I think not finishing it would have been a mistake because it ended up being really insane.

Gone Girl shocked me like you wouldn't believe. I had expected the book to go one way (the mundane way) and it ended up going a completely creepy and off-kilter way (which I liked). Yet, still I was annoyed, but this time because I was supposed to be. There's just so much flip-flopping in this book (half of it is narrated by Nick; the other half by Amy) that you don't immediately know who, if anyone, to root for. In fact, I spent most of the time while reading Gone Girl wanting to jump into the pages of the book and repeatedly shake every single character to saneness. Again, this is deliberate and I wasn't so much annoyed at the book by then, but at the characters, but like I said, I think you're supposed to be. There are no clear heroes in this book and that did make this book seem more human to me as opposed to the self-righteousness that can plague some books with a clear hero.

Again, Gone Girl is INSANE. One minute you start off thinking "God, I hate this person!" and then you think "No, scratch that I hate THIS person", until finally you realize you hate everyone in the friggin' book, but that's okay because they are all relatively hateable (I know not really a word, but there you have it). And the situations the characters find themselves in are hateable (and there it is again)...and shocking...and brings new meaning to the word "twist". Everything that happened (after those initial 200 pages) was so unexpected and not in that annoying "well we didn't see it coming because it made no type of sense" kind of way. The things that happened here made sense, which brings up all sorts of questions like "If you find that THIS situation made sense, what does that say about YOUR state of mind?", which is all sorts of fun.

So why the 3 stars? Well, I just couldn't get over how long Gone Girl took to get going (for me as this is all a matter of opinion). Sure, once it did get going, it never stopped, but I just wouldn't have given a book 200 pages to get going if it wasn't for review. Also, I was left feeling very unsatisfied by the ending. I expected an exploding, tremendous ending and what I got was an ending that was, now that I'm thinking about it, very reminiscent to the beginning 200 pages of Gone Girl: anti-climactic to the extreme. I still recommend Gone Girl as I do feel the middle of the book (right up until the end) was worth it just for the "this is craaazy!" comment you will most likely say. However, if you even semi-like this one, I'd recommend Gillian Flynn's two other books as I think they were better than this one.
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