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Divine by Nature by Michelle L. Hankes
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Mar 27, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 27 to April 17, 2012

"Divine by Nature" by Michelle L. Hankes, is a beautifully written glimpse into the consciousness of the world around us; and the resulting lessons taught by nature, offer messages of peace and serenity. I found myself drifting along the swirl and sway of the writing, taken on a philosophical ride through the soft-spoken, delicate intricacies of the human condition, and the simply elegant answers that can be found by slowing down, breathing deeply, and listening to the advice of the elements around us.
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Elyse Beautiful review! I don't own the book yet ---(I'll break down and purchase it one of these days). Sounds like the type of book I especially love to read while sitting outside under a tree.
Thank you, Elyse, for your review and suggesting this book to me!

Elyse LOL Yes; under a tree, next to a log, reading with a yellow bellied frog. ^_^

I know how much you appreciate writing style, as much as the story told ... I may be biased, but I do believe this is a sumptuously written book. One definitely worth devouring.

Elyse Its on my list. I still have 'tons' of un-read books here at home (books I bought when Borders Closed its doors) ---plus the several book club's I belong keep picking books for me to commit to...

More money for me to spend?. I'll support 'Amazon' a little later when I'm in need for in-depth 'personal' alone-time w/nature --[a break from fiction ---and 'required' reading] :) --- AND....I'm sure I 'will' devor the writing. (and feelings)

love ya elyse!

Elyse Oh, how I feel your pain ... stacks of books sitting in corners, just begging to be read. I look at them from time to time, and actually feel bad. Silly, I feel bad because I'm neglecting the poor dears. :O(

Is it possible, the books are actually giving me puppy-dog eyes and pouty faces?

Much love to the Lovely Elyse!

Elyse laughing.... (you crack me up)....

I'm sure many of us have this 'problem'. [BEST problem to have in life though, isn't it?]...

Funny, though,...You know when 'my' books started to 'pile' ( many delightful books to boot) --was when e-books started 'THE WAR' (Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPad...etc.). I didn't own an e-book myself (at the time), and people willing to still read the hardbacks (I was and still am) --could often find a NEW RELEASE book ($25.95 at Barnes & Noble) --for $3.00 or 'less' other places. Is amazing.

I'm still not proud. Some of my friends will only read by 'ebooks' now (I admit, its faster, and has many advantages), but I'll read the book which is 'cheaper')....
UNLESS --we are talking about a 1,000 page book such as Ken Follett books. (I gave those books away ---I'll read his next book on Kindle --just to save my arms for other use)...lol

****MUCH**** love back at ya Elyse. (adore you!)

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