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Un Lun Dun by China Miéville
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Mar 27, 2012

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The world of Un Lun Dun is quirky in a very standard children's fantasy way. Adorable anthropomorphized inanimate objects! Societies built around a single wacky concept! Adults with peculiar habits and hilarious names! It's a fun world, but it's not particularly unusual in concept at its core.

The plot in the book is a solid Save The World quest, the protagonist is a standard Plucky Girl, the assorted supporting cast are all quirky-and-charming without being annoying. It's all very...solid, I suppose, in a standard kind of way.

What the book does well, and brilliantly, is subvert a great number of quest fantasy tropes, from the Chosen One to the Assembled Macguffin. (I refrain from specifics to refrain from spoilers.) And what keeps this book from being a four-star one for me is that it takes so long to start subverting them that this approach comes across as an interesting twist, rather than a unique core to the book. It's a good book; I wish it had been a great one as I hoped for.
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