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Rhapsody by Elizabeth Haydon
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Mar 26, 2012

did not like it
Read from March 26 to 30, 2012

Just couldn't quite make it through it. I see in some reviews that there are points that people really like about this story, but I didn't make it that far. The first forty or so pages really turned me off - incredibly over-done and flamboyant romance taking place within the space of three, maybe four hours...triggered my gag reflex. I hear that this portion of the story isn't explained until later in the series, which is fine - mostly I just can't handle things which read to me as "Hi you're really pretty omg I love you let's get married and run away together!" "OK!" and beyond that point what I read just didn't grab let alone hold my attention. Obviously just not my kind of story.

I could definitely see some talent with the way the author used words, but there were also descriptions which read, to me, as hokey and over done - much like that opening romance.

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03/29/2012 page 27
4.0% "I'm not sure I'll be finishing this one. The whole "I've known you for maybe two hours and think we should married thing" thing that's happening right now is putting a really bad taste in my mouth."
03/29/2012 page 50
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message 1: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra I liked this series, but I can definitely see how it's not for everyone, it comes dangerously close to being pretty romance-novel-y. The fantasy tale turns out pretty good, and I really liked the main characters.

Tahni I'm actually glad that somebody likes it - and I read a lot of the other reviews and a lot of people said the plot itself is really good, even people who really didn't like the book. There were just other things that they couldn't get past, much like me. My brother in law apparently liked it, as he at some point declared I had to read it. I might even have been able to get into it if it weren't for that first part, but I just can't stomach stories like that. I could even handle the (at least to me) over-the-top "you're my soulmate!"-ness of it, if it hadn't gone down in just a few hours. But I can certainly see where it would be for some people's tastes - just not mine.

message 3: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra I definitely get that. I'm assuming you aren't planning on reading the rest, so I'll throw in some of the plot. I think the whole "soulmate" thing in any situation is a load of bull, but the way Hayden did it that they had that tryst and then reunited thousands of years later without knowing it was the other at first I kinda liked because they weren't just like "oh we've found each other and now are going to be annoyingly in love for the rest of the story"... plus, I read it in high school, so I was probably sexually frustrated or something. XD

message 4: by Dana (new)

Dana I wish I could like Cassandra's comment.

Tahni Cassandra wrote: "I definitely get that. I'm assuming you aren't planning on reading the rest, so I'll throw in some of the plot. I think the whole "soulmate" thing in any situation is a load of bull, but the way Ha..."

lol Sexual frustration is, as far as I'm concerned, as good a reason as any to like a story. :) That part of the plot does sound likeable. And yeah, I don't plan on finishing it. I was going to force myself to page 100 and see if it got better, but I kind of got to a point where I was like "I'f I'm not enjoying it, I shouldn't be forcing myself to spend time on it when I could be reading something I do enjoy." The last portion I read I didn't actively dislike like I did with the first forty pages - I just couldn't get into it for some reason. I would read five pages and realize that I had no idea what had happened because I'd started thinking about something else. :p But I can definitely see where the plot of the whole story could be really awesome. I think something about the writing just wasn't holding my attention.

Since I don't mind spoilers at this point, what is the general outline of the plot?

message 6: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra Goodness. It's been a while. So, Emily becomes a prostitute/musician. Starts going by Rhapsody. One day she's running away from a scumbag while Achmed and Grunthor (who are absolutely the best) are running away from from an evilbag. They mostly kidnap her and run to this world tree thing that's supposed to connect them to the other world tree on the other side of the world. As they go through the fire of the center of the earth it erased every imperfection Rhapsody had and she came out perfect in every way, and annoyingly oblivious to that fact. There's a dragon down there they have to keep asleep so it doesn't destroy the world. So then they emerge from the other side and it's like 10,000 years later or something and society is being mean to poor people and children, so Rhapsody wants to help all of them. Um. They find this stronghold of Firbolg, which are like trolls, sorta. (Achmed and Grunthor are both half Firbolg, but different other halves). So then the main plot for this book on this side of the planet is uniting the Firbolg and striking back against the humans who have been culling them for years, thus winning the trio a formidable army with which they kinda sorta unite the whole world through the span of the other two books, all while saving children, freeing slaves, talking to dragons. Oh, the evilbag from before turns up I think, so there's that. Rhapsody becomes a badass swordfighter with a magical flame sword. And there's some drama with a demon pregnancy. Rhapsody is perpetually at odds with this guy that has a thing for her, and she likes him too, and it takes them a long time to realize that they're Emily and Gwydion from thousands of years ago... I dunno how I just made the series sound, but I assure you I had a very pleasant time reading it.

Tahni Much like Dana before, I wish I could like your comment. :)

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