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The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan
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12/30 page 37
4.0% "I want to know more about that evil black rider!"
01/13 page 73
01/22 page 82
10.0% "Finally some suspense and action!"
02/09 page 227
30.0% "I'm still getting sleepy each time I read. I hope that goes away soon..."
02/17 page 279
37.0% "I'm beginning to think that my lack of interest in this book is more the book than my pregnancy hormones. I'm finding the story dull... Even with all the action that is going on there is no substance i find interesting... it's not written in a way that entertains me and so i keep falling asleep whenever i read it. I can't even get through 2 chapters at a time before my mind has completely wondered."
02/23 page 283
37.0% "I'm very disappointed in myself. I had 2 months to read 751 kindle pages, way more than enough time, and I haven't been able to do it. I only got to page 283, chapter 20. Book Club is tomorrow. And i am sad. I really hope my concentration returns soon..."
02/23 page 283
37.0% "To recap... Trollocs came to Emond's Field, the Aes Sedai believes it is for Rand, Perrin, or Mat, so she took the 3 away toward her city Tar Valon. The Myrddraal & Tollocs have been following their trail since. They just entered & left a ghost city where they met an evil creature Mordeth, because something far more evil is outside the gates.."
10/13 marked as: to-continue
12/30 marked as: currently-reading
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