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Jewels of the Sun by Nora Roberts
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Mar 26, 2012

really liked it
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Read from April 29 to May 02, 2012

SHE BROKE HIS NOSE. I'm not sure the ending would have been half as satisfying if she hadn't, but she did so it's okay. I was concerned in general about how things were going to work out, but I actually enjoyed how things fell into place. (view spoiler)

One thing, though. The whole friends-scheming-because-they-know-better thing tends to rub me the wrong way, not because it isn't well intentioned, but because sometimes in real life, they actually don't know better. It's not so much that it was a big thing here, as Darcy and Brenna's minor thing was essentially harmless, but it did remind me of the fact that this was a definite thing for me in the third book in the Dream trilogy. I get that friends-scheming-etc is a plot device that comes up when romantic stories are concerned, I guess it's just not a plot device I like very much (especially when it's along the lines of "let's help our single friend!"). I do believe I am now on a mission to find a romance where the main character's friends scheme/set her up, but in spite of her/their best intentions, the main character figures things out for herself. This somehow doesn't sound as great when I type it out as when I try to outline what I want in my head. Oh well. This is just a personal pet peeve developed from a lifetime of being the third/fifth/seventh wheel.

Wow, that was a lot of rambling about something that was only loosely related to the book itself.

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05/01/2012 page 103
30.0% "I almost missed my subway stop because I love Jude Murray." 9 comments
05/01/2012 page 295
85.0% "Oh, Aiden. You are being very, very boneheaded right now. There is really no other way to say it. You manage to be endearingly boneheaded, but boneheaded nonetheless."

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message 1: by Andree (new)

Andree Yay! This one is fun. Favourite.

Grace You say this as though you weren't the reason I added it to my list... :-P

message 3: by Andree (new)

Andree HEE. Okay, so HERE IS THE THING, I couldn't remember if I actually *told* you you should read it, or if I thought of it and *intended* to tell you to read it, and then dreamt that I had. I am not joking. This is actual fact. (I debated telling you "again" because I couldn't remember if it was in fact "again.")

Sometimes my brain works in mysterious ways...

Grace HAHAHAH, yes you did. I was looking at your email because I was going to try to actually reply, but then work went crazy and I couldn't. BUT I REMEMBERED TO ADD IT TO MY LIST. So.

message 5: by Andree (new)

Andree Hee. Yes, I considered checking, but I couldn't remember where I'd dreamt that I told you... Was it Goodreads? LJ? E-mail? Searching very quickly became too much effort.

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie HMMM. I feel like I HAVE read stuff with that kind of thing? Well, there's Anne trying to set up those two people in . . . Anne of Ingleside, I think, and they were already engaged! :P (Nobody's ever tried to set me up! Which also leads to weird feelings.)

message 7: by Andree (new)

Andree I've never been set up either. So I can't comment. Friends scheming doesn't bother me too much, although sometimes I facepalm. It doesn't bother me in this because it's so obviously epic!fail.

Also, yes, she broke his nose. It's occuring to me, that may be one of the reasons I like the book as much as I do... I apparently have a thing for women punching men who are being stupid in the nose.

Grace Hmmm. I suppose I'm mostly looking for it in a contemporary romance setting? Because I was actually thinking about how this happens (view spoiler)

I've personally only been set up once, and that was actually unrelated to my close friends. It was a COMPLETE DISASTER THOUGH. (Remind me to tell you about it sometime. IT'S ALMOST A FUNNY STORY. Now. Seven years later.) It's not so much the actual setting up as the 'we know what you need, my poor single friend, because we are in happy relationships' that bugs me, I think? It's not meant to be condescending, but it's something that realllly bothered me in that third Dream Trilogy book. I'm not sure why it was reading THIS book that made me need to get it all off my chest.


Grace @Andree - LOL, like I just told Katie, I'm not sure why THIS is where I decided to get my feelings on friends scheming off my chest, because this wasn't really the problem. IT WAS THE THIRD DREAM TRILOGY BOOK. It may have only been for about five pages, at that ~social event, but I remember being SO ANGRY about it. I think this just reinforced my desire to see it handled differently.

And yes, when I read that my immediate thought was, "NO WONDER SHE LOVES THIS ONE SO MUCH."

Sometimes men are dumb and they deserve to be punched in the nose. IT'S THAT SIMPLE.

message 10: by Andree (new)

Andree Getting things off your chest is fun. I just felt an urge to defend my book. (Sometimes I do this, as you know. I don't always realize what's on the list of things I will automatically defend until I percieve a slight, even if this wasn't one, really... I'm not making sense. I need to go to bed.) I remember not being wild about the third Dream book overall. It wasn't horrible, but I wasn't thrilled. My favourite part was when she hauled her father into the room and kissed the male lead in front of him.

The funniest part is that I read these books pre-Mentalist. Can't remember if it was pre-Bones (I also used to love when Brennan beat the crap out of people).

message 11: by Katie (new)

Katie HMMM. It's a trope that can work pretty well for me*, but I DO see what you're saying. It's like how I get annoyed by people in relationships saying, "Oh, you'll find someone when you're not looking" and things of those natures. GEE THANKS.

I still feel like I've seen it the other places (though maybe I was thinking of your spoiler), so I will let you know if I think of any!

*I tend to REALLY like it when it's a case of friends doing it because the couple is being stupid/stubborn/etc.

Grace It's like how I get annoyed by people in relationships saying, "Oh, you'll find someone when you're not looking" and things of those natures. GEE THANKS.

The worst -- and this is the one I get ALL THE TIME, without prompting (because, honestly, I know better than to do that) -- is when someone thinks saying, "Oh, don't worry, when they're looking for a wife, you're the kind of girl they'll want." AWESOME. Just awesome.

What I really want to see is the main character finding something on their own that is not related at all to what their friends want? I'm not sure it exists, but if it does, I want to find it. Even if it's just friend sets character up on disastrous date, character ends up meeting actual love interest at coffee shop after escaping from said date.

I tend to REALLY like it when it's a case of friends doing it because the couple is being stupid/stubborn/etc.

HAHA, implied exception. THIS IS USUALLY AWESOME.

@Andree - Clearly this is just a thing for you. CAN'T SAY I BLAME YOU. Two of my favorite Loretta Chase books involve punching or shooting the hero. IT MAKES THINGS FUN. I was cheering for Jude here. IT WAS EXCELLENT.

message 13: by Jess (new)

Jess Grace, I swear I've read stuff where that happens. Let me think about it at a time that's not 3:00 am and I will see if I can't remember actual titles for you.

message 14: by Katie (new)

Katie OH YIKES. I haven't gotten THAT one before. (I HAVE gotten, "Why are you single?" Which umm. Is possibly a backhanded kind of compliment, but UM.)

And, see, Jess says there's stuff, too!

Grace @Katie - I'm not sure why anyone would think that is a good thing to say (or why more than one person has decided this is something to say to me, in particular). Because the implication is actually that I'm not fun or worth someone's time right now, but it'll be okay later when they want someone boring and responsible, and... no.

@Jess - No rush, but if you do happen to have any recs along those lines that would be awesome!

message 16: by Andree (new)

Andree Grace, it is a thing for me. It is a fun thing. More punching in the nose! (I think I find it somehow cathartic, being so non-confrontational)

message 17: by Becky (new)

Becky Andree wrote: "Getting things off your chest is fun. I just felt an urge to defend my book. (Sometimes I do this, as you know. I don't always realize what's on the list of things I will automatically defend un..."

I have never even considered reading Nora Roberts, but if it brings up references to Brennan beating the crap out of people, maybe I should.

(GoodReads is encouraging me to stalk all your conversations on here)

message 18: by Andree (new)

Andree GoodReads is really an excellent tool for stalking. I should have started using it long ago.

Not all Nora Roberts is equally good, but some is fun. As I said, this is my favourite.

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