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Dark Frost by Jennifer Estep
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Mar 26, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: immortals-mythology, arc
Read on March 26, 2012

*Spoiler Alert*

First of all, let me extend my thanks to Kensington and Netgalley for the chance to read this novel.

Dark Frost was a thrilling installment, full of rage and desire, froth with danger and teeming with secrets that are begging for sunlight. Gwen is really having a tuff time of it. Things with Logan are still not going where she wants them to, Daphne is acting odd, and reapers are planting clues everywhere…but are they really clues and if so what for? When everything starts coming together, Gwen finds a horrifying truth about herself that maybe she just can’t accept, and that no one else will either…

As this series progresses, I find myself liking each book better. Gwen loses her mom in the first book, and then finds herself transported to Mythos Academy for “Gifted” students. The academy changes Gwen from a girl who is unsure of herself and her own powers into the women who knows exactly who she is and what she stands for. Logan…sigh…what should I say about Logan. He is totally cold, then so stinking hot he is steaming. And he gave Gwen a very expensive diamond necklace that she wears everywhere. But they both have trouble trusting each other with their, for lack of a better word, hearts, and it drives them apart. And Carson and Daphne were as cute as ever, naturally. Even with the obsessive making out. Daphne gets her power! Muhahaha….what has that do with them making out, you ask? Nothing!!!

Another thing that I way enjoyed was the wolf. The crazy demented one who Gwen saved and then was saved by in book number 2. It was nice and interesting how Miss Estep developed this animal into a character that you want to love and have for yourself.

Of course, the writing was phenomenal. I did find myself skipping a bit if there was…exceptionally uninteresting things about mythology. But generally no more than a few paragraphs. The characters are exceptional themselves, and the story is very well put together with some unforeseeable twists that leave you breathless with wanting.

Especially if you read that chapter excerpt from the next book. Don’t read that if you are a impatient person. It would be bad for your heath.
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message 1: by Evie (new) - added it

Evie Ha! Love your last comment! Great review! I need I read these!

Jazzercise-113 guillet how have you already read it if it hasnt come out yet im soo confused

message 3: by Rene (new) - added it

Rene McIntyre I loved this series with a passion when I was younger, but now I think that it was all terribly, gag-worthy dramatic. I mean, Logan? Get a grip. Gwen? Stop saying "yucko" every two pages. Grandma Frost? Keep being awesome. You too, Vic. And I liked the boarding school idea, but recently it seems like EVERYONE does the boarding school thing. Which is fine if you can pull off a good system and make likeable characters plus interesting plot line. But it went on too long without enough pick UPS.

message 4: by Rene (new) - added it

Rene McIntyre You know what was a great book? Night School by C. J. Daugherty. I remember liking that one a lot.

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