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The Curiosities by Maggie Stiefvater
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Jun 18, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2012, anthology, e-galley, to-be-reviewed, lerner
Read from May 07 to June 18, 2012

I am now completely convinced that Brenna, Maggie, and Tessa are all brilliant.

And this has now proven to me that I'm perfectly capable of enjoying short stories.

PURE LOVE for this book.

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Reading Progress

05/07/2012 page 11
4.0% "I'm in love. already.

Tessa's first story - Vampire in a Box is noteworthy. It's clever, and gives you JUST enough of a taste to catch your interest and hold it. Even though it's rather short, it still feels like a full short story all on its own.

Plus the annotated notes are adorable and have me chuckling. LOOOOOVE."
05/07/2012 page 34
11.0% "Vampire in a Box - probably 5 stars. I REALLY liked it.

Maggie's A Murder of Gods - 4 maybe? Possibly 3 stars. I liked this one, but I definitely feel like it could have been fleshed out more to really make a statement."
05/07/2012 page 42
14.0% "The Power of Intent - 3 stars. I liked the idea, but it was a tad predictable."
05/07/2012 page 50
16.0% "haha as a poli sci major, I have to say I appreciated the poli sci vs. history jokes! And the CU shout out was pretty cool :) This one was clever, I'd give it a 4. Definitely could have been a bit longer to set up the story (yet still be short) but it was enjoyable."
05/07/2012 page 56
18.0% "Girls Raised by Wolves - now THIS is a short story! WHOA - just totally blew me away with that ending, and the handwritten comment that it should be reread from the beginning... and then it clicked. I totally GET the meaning, and I remember feeling that exact same way as Valerie. Stole my breath away."
05/07/2012 page 66
22.0% "Date with a Dragon Slayer is cute and very sweet - but not sure I LOVED it. 3, possibly 4, stars."
06/13/2012 page 87
29.0% "The Spiral Table: YES! I love that they're using the same prompt now - and Tessa put a great spin on this one, with writing that lends the atmosphere of a fairytale. Perfect for it. Although I think some of the underlying meaning went over my head- may need a reread of that one."
06/13/2012 page 94
31.0% "The Madness of Lancelot: LOVE this different setting for the story! And I got shivers. SHIVERS up my spine for this one."
06/13/2012 page 99
33.0% "The Wind Takes our Cries: I think I liked this prompt story the best; so disturbing, so different, so good."
06/13/2012 page 109
36.0% "Auburn wasn't one of my favourites but it was interesting at least. I think it could have been a bit stronger to really send the point home."
06/13/2012 page 119
39.0% "Deadlier of the Species: nice take on zombies, something fresh. I wasn't too taken with the characters though."
06/13/2012 page 126
41.0% "Okay, I didn't love Puddles. Too much build up for me, for something rather small it seemed."
06/13/2012 page 134
44.0% "Neat story and I like the way magic is described/used- I can definitely see what Brenna's getting across here. But again, not one I LOVED. I want more impact from these short stories!"
06/15/2012 page 145
48.0% "Death-Ship was LOVELY- one of my favourites: uncommon setting, beautiful writing, an emotional story. A+"
06/15/2012 page 157
52.0% "The Last Day of Spring - Whoa. I so wish I knew more about this world because that is so cool/weird."
06/15/2012 page 163
54.0% "Cut was a good attempt at a new spin on a retelling, but definitely lacked the impact of other stories. And kind of muddled."
06/15/2012 page 169
56.0% "Philosopher's Flight: YES! Totally loved this one- had a semi Prometheus feel to it."
06/15/2012 page 183
60.0% "Ash-Tree is a masterpiece- one of the best in the collection. It could easily be a standalone novel and expanded and be THAT much better."
06/15/2012 page 191
63.0% "I liked that Rain-Maker was different from the other stories in here, but I was a little too foggy on some details that felt like they would have greatly contributed to the story."
06/15/2012 page 197
65.0% "Dumb Supper: that was kind of sad, but pretty. And weird. A good one though, and it worked really well as a short story."
06/15/2012 page 205
67.0% "Neighbors - I love so many of these stories but they're all so sad! This one has such a creepy/tragic vibe to it though."
06/15/2012 page 205
67.0% "Okay, Council of Youth is one of my favourites - because I TOTALLY get what Maggie's asking about politics here, and leadership in general, and that appeals to the poli sci geek in me. THESE are the questions I want to see explored in a book. THIS Is the kind of futuristic dystopian-esque book I want to read more of."
06/18/2012 page 219
72.0% "The Summer Ends in Slaughter: creepy and gross. I think that's what we were going for with this one though, and if so, then it's successful."
06/18/2012 page 219
72.0% "Blue as God is the kind of real story that could give me nightmares. I think it's becoming clear that Brenna's stories are my favourite of the three."
06/18/2012 page 237
78.0% "Thomas All is one of my new favourite fairy stories. Downright CREEPY- as it should be! <3"
06/18/2012 page 245
81.0% "Heart-Shaped Box: TOTALLY one of the best. Such a weird, interesting world. And twisted yet beautiful."
06/18/2012 page 271
89.0% "I'm not a fan of the blended setting for Beserk- it felt like it took away from the story a bit, because parts just seemed silly. But the end scene was worth it."
06/18/2012 page 286
94.0% "Lazarus Girl: I don't get it, but I want to, I so want to. I NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS ONE. Because it's gripping and scary and doesn't end the way I thought it would. Off to research!"
06/18/2012 page 299
98.0% "Another Sun: ooh I liked the build up as this one moved along, even though I didn't love it at first."

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message 1: by Mel (new) - added it

Mel (Daily Prophecy) That's good to hear! I'm not such a big fan of short stories, but if they are well-written, I'd like to give them a try ^^

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