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Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev
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TCL Call#: YA Mantchev L

Madeleine - 2 stars
Definitely a more tweener book than teen. Think first kiss. It's a fun premise where the girl lives in a fantasy theater and all that entails but it gets a little ruined by the cop out trend in teen lit where the teen starts bratty and then learns how to control herself to get what she wants/needs therefore becoming an adult. It's so transparent that only the most obtuse kid would miss the lecture. And it's tiring to imagine a kid being so tiring to start off. If you get to this age and still have tantrums and don't understand the effects of you truly off the chart behavior you might need mediation. Just saying. Oh! And this story also relies on the “Teen Literature Technique” of having two hotties perusing the main character – one good and, wait for it, one bad but oh so handsome. Whatever will she do?
Still, it was a fun read what with the set changes and the host of characters. Beware though, following another “Teen Literature Technique”, it's a series and so ends on a cliff.

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