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Kiss Them Goodbye by Stella Cameron
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Mar 26, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: romance, romance-reading-challenge-2012, dnf
Read from March 26 to June 26, 2012

I love romance thrillers and I was really looking forward to enjoying a good read set in Louisiana…I love all those small towns, the bayous and the different mix of characters so when I picked up Stella Cameron’s Kiss them Goodbye I thought I was in for a fabulous and suspenseful romance. '

Well, nothing could be so different from what I had expected!!!! I almost gave up half way but I was determined to discover who the serial killer was!!!! I might as well have not plodded onto the last page because I still don’t know who the killer or killers were….where and who is Ulysses??? Who cares? Certainly not me!!!! Really I was so disappointed.

The main characters Spike Dovel (geez what a name!!!)the local sheriff who dreams of Vivian Patin, owner of Rosebank, a fabulous run down mansion and a Chihuahua named Boa are just so not credible. The dialogue and banter between the two is at times so laughable and unbelievable. Where is the romance??? The first time they do it is in his car that he has parked next to a bayou in the middle of a storm…romantic!!!!!! And the thing they say to each other….I was so bamboozled as I continued reading…. I have to say that their love scenes were quite fact there are some steamy and sizzling scenes and I felt that the scene that bordered on incest a bit of overkill…..was it necessary to include that scene that had no bearing whatsoever on the plot??

There were so many characters that had my head spinning trying to keep up with who was who and what was what!!!!! And so many subplots that made it even more difficult to keep up with….the priest…was he feeling that not allowed love feeling for his housekeeper???? And is Homer, Spike’s father getting to like Vivian??? And Wooza…the names!!!!!!!!

No, I can’t continue saying anything else about this will pain and hurt me if I do!!!

I feel really bad writing a bad review but sometimes I just find myself having to say.... ………..Read this book at your own peril!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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