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Endymion by Dan Simmons
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Mar 26, 2012

really liked it
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Read in July, 2010

Dan Simmons continues his Hyperion cantos with Endymion, a story that follows a more traditional plot structure than its predecessors. Whereas Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion were both highly poetic and eccentric, Endymion reads much like a classic sci-fi adventure story. That isn’t to say that it is any less cerebral. Simmons doesn’t write simple stories by any stretch and, although the pace is a bit quicker, there is plenty of meat here for those who enjoyed the previous Hyperion novels.

Simmons continues his unique first-person, third-person interchange from the Fall of Hyperion with Raul Endymion, a Hyperion-born man, as his first-person narrator and Father-Captain Federico de Soya, an agent of the powerful Church and the Pax, being the subject of the majority of the third-person narrative. As with the second Keats cybrid in the Fall of Hyperion, there is an unknown force (to be explained later) that allows Raul to “see” through de Soya’s eyes, thereby explaining the third-person narrative.

The plot follows Raul as he is recruited by Martin Silenus on a task to rescue Brawne Lamia’s daughter Aenea from the Church and the Pax. Aenea, the fabled “one who teaches,” has stepped through the Time Tombs into Raul’s time to perform some unknown task. Meanwhile, Father-Captain de Soya is tasked with capturing her, Endymion, and the android A. Bettik. The story takes us through multiple worlds, involves political intrigue, mystery, and an epic battle between the Shrike and one of the TechnoCore’s newest killing machines. Like its predecessors, Endymion is creative, grand in scale, and vastly entertaining. The only flaw is the same that is present in most of Simmons’s work: he tends to ramble and get lost in tangents, but it’s worth the effort.

Be warned that, like Hyperion, this story ends with a massive cliff-hanger. The tale continues with the sequel The Rise of Endymion.
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