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Panty Raid @ Zombie High by Rusty Fischer
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While Zombie High’s not quite the higher level of learning you might think, it is a zombie rehabilitation center which has, surprisingly enough, had some success by way of Zombie Panties. When Toby’s best friend – and secret crush – disappears, it’s up to him and her boyfriend, Spud, to find her. Trouble is, they kind of already know where she is… at Zombie High. Even with backup, things don’t go quite as planned as there is more than just one plot afoot. Will any of them make it out alive? Or even undead?

Toby is your typical geeky teen. He’s awkward, he’s clueless, and he’s a little bit oblivious. He’s also awfully endearing in an annoying, hormone-infused, kind of way the more time you spend with him. Toby is nothing you’d expect once you get to know him better. As his internal struggles surface while dealing with lies, betrayal, and zombies, you really start to like the guy because he has real heart. I love the fact that, just when you think you have him – and his friends – figured out, they throw you for a complete loop and do something unexpected.

Fighting alongside Toby are two jocks and their girlfriends who are hoodwinked into thinking they are just going for a late-night panty raid over at Zombie High. Joke’s on them when they run into more than some electronic cattle-prod underwear, however. It’s a lot of fun to watch the BMOC go from being the in-crowd to being reduced to a puddle of quivering boy-man when faced with their worst nightmares. These sidekicks are having their shining moment one minute and an epic ‘doh’ moment shortly after. The jock half of these sidekicks, especially, bring some added comic relief to the mix.

Panty Raid @ Zombie High reads a lot like one of those old horror B-movies, but in a good way. It’s silly, it’s campy, and it’s a whole lot of fun wrapped into one adventurous zombie story. It combines the horror and disgustingness of a zombie attack with high school drama and lots of humor. Highly entertaining and a little more than a tad gross in parts, Panty Raid @ Zombie High is an enlightening twist on the newest zombie craze for sure.
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