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Machineries of Joy by Ray Bradbury
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May 29, 2013

really liked it
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Read in May, 2013

"'What's true is not always what's fair.' [Father Brian]" (2)

"...that Medusa machine which freezes your intellect if ever you stare at it?" (3) //on television

"Now, suddenly, the railroad track began to tremble.
A blackbird, standing on the rail, felt a rhythm grow faintly, miles away, like a heart beginning to beat." (34)

"'If you could press a button right now and make it happen, would you?'
'I think I would,' he said. 'Nothing violent. Just have everyone vanish off the face of the earth. Just leave the land and the sea and the growing things, like flowers and grass and fruit trees. And the animals, of course, let them stay. Everything except man, who hunts when he isn't hungry, eats when full, and is mean when no one's bothered him.'" (36)

"He smelled as all fathers should smell, of salt sweat, ginger tobacco, horse and boot leather, and the earth he walked upon." (43)

"'Well, we bring things into town that it hasn't got - mountains, creeks, desert night, stars, things like that . . .'
And it was true, thought Willy, driving along. Set a man way out in the strange lands and he fills with wellsprings of silence. Silence of sagebrush, or a mountain lion purring like a warm beehive at noon. Silence of the river shallows deep in canyons. All this a man takes in. Opening his mouth, in town, he breathes it out." (63)

"For only the very young saw life ahead, and only the very old saw life behind; the others between were so busy with life they saw nothing." (72)

"A thousand storms and a thousand calms ago there had been a calm and a storm that had stayed on the rest of his life." (76)

"'...Promise you'll never let me die.'
'Never,' he said. 'Shall I tell you why?'
'Yes, and make me believe it.'" (77)

"...kissing her throat which was like bending to winter at the heart of August." (78)

"...he leaped into my life like summer lightning!" (95)

"And then, unbidden, the lines of an old poem stood up in my head. Where I had read them or who had put them down, or if I had written them myself, within my head over the years, I could not say. But the lines were there and I read them in the dark:
Some live like Lazarus
In a tomb of life
And come forth curious late to twilight hospitals
And mortuary rooms.
. . .
"Better cold skies seen bitter to the North
Than stillborn stay, all blind and gone to ghost.
If Rio is lost, well, love the Arctic Coast!
Come ye forth.
" (109)

"Life is questions, not answers." (113)

"...sounding like sleepless nights and rusty bones and well-worn dreams." (116) //on a car motor

"...his clothes, like the clothes of most in Ireland, too often laundered by the weather..." (149)

"He did not sing so much as let his soul free." (150)

"So, maybe, perhaps, he means there aren't many 'human beings' left who look, see what they look at, and understand well enough for one to ask and one to give. Everyone busy, running here, jumping there, there's no time to study one another. But I guess that's bilge and hogwash, slop and sentiment." (154)

"'Beauty is what you are.'
'Then I'm beautiful, for that's how I feel.'" (164)

"'Sure, it's money runs the world,' Doone agreed, seated there, closing up his eyes. 'But it is music that holds down the friction.'" (210)

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