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Friends with Benefits by Kelly Jamieson
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Mar 25, 2012

liked it
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Fun story -

I have a little problem with Kari in places though. She comes off as a strong woman who owns her own Yoga business, very successful. She has a great relationship with her best friend Mitch, but sometimes she just seems really ditsy. She doesn't seem to always look at things from other peoples perspective, which kind of bugs me.

BUT for the most part - I enjoyed this book.

We start off with Kari and Mitch having a drink. Nothing big, they go out a lot, just to hang out. When Kari starts to realize that she's now 30 years old. She's not getting any younger, and she's always wanted a husband and a lot of kids... So when She asks Mitch to help her find a husband, he couldn't help but be taken back by the thought.

See Mitch is a divorce lawyer. He's always in the middle of 2 people trying to hash it out over everything they own, kids and pets be damned.
His own father has been re-married so many times, it's ridiculous.
So when his best friend asks him to hook her up with a nice guy to see if he's Mr. Right ... He can't help but want to only look out for her.

Mitch sets her up with a couple of Mr. Wrongs. All the while, Mitch can't seem to help but be happy about it.
When Kari accuses him of setting her up with guys she wouldn't hit it off with on purpose, he loses it.

And by losing it, I don't mean his temper.. He drags her to him and kisses her! She doesn't know what to think.. This is MITCH! They're best friends...

Could this one kiss destroy their friendship?

It was a cute story. I love reading about best friends falling in love.
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