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Jun 12, 2016

it was ok
bookshelves: shapeshifter-research, wannabe-vampires
Recommended to N.T. by: My aunt! She was getting rid of books and literally just handed this off to me!
Recommended for: People who like shallow romance written decently.
Read from March 25 to April 21, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

This book is filled with half-and-half emotions for me.

The Writing
The writing is smooth and easy. You don't have anything to really hinge on, and nothing to catch you up. But at the same time, the author has a bad habit of giving away how much she bullshits the storyline and details of interest. Her knowledge about medieval anything is more than flawed. It's blunt and clumsy--making the first couple of chapters in the book a sore trial as you bumble through since she does such a poor job of it. Things smooth out later, once she gets into the current century. Clearly she's a lot more comfortable writing present day than anything else. I'd say she should stick to it if she knows what's best for her.

The only downfall to the smoother writing once we get into present-day concerns is that we realize how brainless the reading itself is. Half the time you're reading nothing that really leads to anything. "Oh I'll throw in some training here for two pages. The other fifty can be of them oogling each other. Perfect!"

Moving on. Her grammar and vocabulary are fine. Each hit snags sometimes. And it's fine. I can deal with that. What bugs me is that I'm basically reading about nothing. Who cares about the fact that this "sorcerer" and "witch" with their mumbled mumbo-jumbo incantations are madly in love after, what, two days, and get married three weeks later. Begging their host, "Can we live in your house?" "Do you think it's bad that I want a wedding dress when we're supposed to be fighting a war?" "Man we don't have a lot of time to prepare for this epic battle, huh? Just a couple of months left, huh? Running out of time aren't we? But let's go complain and whine and wheedle and have sex all the time, and does this dress make me look fat?"

Heeehhhhhhhh. *Aggravated sigh* MOVING ON.

Just an excuse to make people hook up.

All decent if they're not paired up. With the exception of Cian and King. Oh but that doesn't last. Of course. Though the evil vampire queen can have her yuri. But nooo. No yaoi. None. (If you don't know what the terms mean, don't google them. Caution's advised. NSFW~)

Pretty much the only enjoyable characters are, of course, the side characters. The two main characters are just self-absorbed pricks that have redeeming qualities that are constantly thrown into the shadows by their whorish natures. And yes, that applies to BOTH the man AND the woman. Hoyt, Glenna--I'm looking at you two.

Everyone else is awesome because they're not stupid, pretty much. Aka, they don't think solely of themselves. Roberts has the most annoying tendency of "forgiving" her two main characters whenever they've done something blatantly stupid by making a big deal out of it, and then pretending like everyone got over it, or like they regret it. Psh. Yeah. Tell that to me when you two are off having sex while your host is drinking himself into a miserable stupor because the dumbass bitch decided to open the door, get herself almost killed, and instead got someone else killed cause he had to SAVE her dumb feminist ass! Idiot saying she didn't need anyone there with her when she answered the door--IN A SECLUDED AREA, NOT VISIBLE FROM THE ROAD, IN THE PITCH BLACK NIGHTTIME WHERE THERE ARE NO STREETLIGHTS, WHEN YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WARZONE, tell me, DO YOU ANSWER THE DOOR WHEN SOMEONE KNOCKS WITHOUT HAVING BACK-UP?!


Main characters get a 1 out of 5,000 rating.

Side characters get a 3 out of 10. Not convinced they're epic because I distrust the inclinations the author has put into each one of them.

In the end... this wasn't terrible and it wasn't long. But it was not pleasant to read bullshit so much it was being shoved up my nose, down my throat, and what have you. I was going to give it a three star rating, but know what? This level of shallow-minded stupidity can't be made up for by just a few good side characters. Especially when they're degraded and ignored throughout the majority of things.

You wanna read this? Ugh. Fine. You might like it. But know this: you like the main characters and my stock in you as a level-headed, clear-minded person drops into wrinkle-nosed disgust. Take it out of the library. Do not buy this immediately. Trust me, it isn't worth your money.
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Reading Progress

03/25 page 0
0.0% "I've always heard the name Nora Roberts, and I know she's famous supposedly for her romances. At least I think that's what it is. But either way, my aunt was getting rid of these and said, "Hey you like to read, right? HERE!" and oomph! Right in my bosom this boxset went! Once I saw the second book contained a shapeshifter... I was stunned and sold. I hope, so much, that I will enjoy these. So, let's see!"
03/25 page 2
1.0% "Call me a sucker for grandpa telling old fireside stories, but I love this beginning! "
03/25 page 3
1.0% "Definition: "Rath" (n.): a usually circular earthwork serving as a stronghold and residence of an ancient Irish chief. -- "And in their raths, even the faeries trembled.""
03/25 page 5
1.0% "Five pages in, and already--already!--there's talk about women's breasts. And--oh EWWW! Why are you touching her BOOB?! "
03/25 page 5
1.0% "By the way, what kind of vampire-magical-beastie-woman-thing "throws back her head to strike"? Dude. That's a SNAKE. Vampire-beasties don't do that! Vampire bats don't even suck blood in through their teeth! D8< You peeps and your crazy shenanigans!"
03/25 page 8
2.0% "Well you're quick to blame your brother's downfall on the things he loved. Loving life isn't a good enough reason to say "He was bound to wind up evil and dead" buster. On top of that, you're a sorcerer of some sort, yet you're cursing at pain? I would think -you- of all people would put value in the magic and power behind words. It felt fake; out of context for my expectations for the time period and role he has."
03/25 page 11
3.0% "You're acting stupid. Guess you really -are- young. Makes me wonder just how young though. -3-"
03/25 page 16
5.0% "Alright, so the first chapter's finished. It was a very "blah" read so far. They're setting the scene, but that's not what I mean. There's not much richness or imagery to the world. There are conversations, but without an emphasis of emotions. And when emotions -are- displayed, they seem shallow, like they're just for show. I'm beginning to feel that I won't be getting any depth at all from this book. *Sighs* Shame."
03/27 page 23
7.0% "Ugh. -_- Again with the focus on the breasts. Yes. Females have tits. Big surprise! You think a woman would get over it faster! Also, what is this insult about drawing water from the wall "as women do"?! *Slaps Hoyt* You narrow-minded prick! If you can get away with anachronisms like sorcerers cursing in pain, then shut your trap about 12th Century female roles!"
03/27 page 24
7.0% "Oooh valerian! 8D It's a great herb for helping to relax you and make you sleep. I take organic valerian tablets sometimes when I'm having trouble sleeping. Very good stuff. Smells very pungent, but works wonders! ^__^"
03/27 page 28
8.0% "And I already like this 8 year old, Nola. X3 She seems tough. <3"
03/27 page 29
8.0% "This woman has terrible transitions. *Talking about the author*"
03/27 page 36
10.0% "I actually like that now that we're in the 21st Century that the spelling of "vampyre" in Cian's speech changed automatically to "vampire" while remaining as "vampyre" in Hoyt's speech. That was a nice, flawless touch, Nora Roberts."
03/27 page 37
11.0% "Yay! The vampire brother is bashing humans who associate with said vampires! XD I like Cian more and more~! >W<"
03/27 page 41
12.0% "Heh. Nice comment about technology, Cian."
03/27 page 44
13.0% "*Laughs!* >XD Oh God! That's good! "Hoyt's come to enlist me in the army he hopes to raise to fight the big evil." "The IRS?" PFFT! >XD First time this book made me laugh! X'D MAN that was good~"
03/27 page 47
13.0% "I LIKE KING!!! And DUDE. This book has just gotten WORLDS better! This is pretty smexy. >8D And not in a bullshit romantic way. It's actually become entertaining now. Nora Roberts probably shouldn't write early 12th Century to Medieval pieces. She doesn't really have the knack for it. You can see and FEEL how much more comfortable she is in a present day setting. Her writing is very strong in this point." 2 comments
03/27 page 55
16.0% "And I like the witch too! 8D"
03/27 page 56
16.0% "Tehehehehe~ Totally soft yaoi vibes between King and Cian! >8D Also, this witch, Glenna, kinda reminds me of Yuffie! XD (Yay FFVII references!!)" 3 comments
03/28 page 59
17.0% "...well that was... borderline insulting. Glenna, you don't just say that you assume Hoyt's gonna like vodka because it seems to you they make it out potatoes! DX< Just saying. Came off a little gruff~ -3-"
03/28 page 62
18.0% "Pfft. I don't know WHAT they're complaining about. If I was Cian, I'd act exactly the same way. ROCK ON, CIAN! KEEP ON BEING SEXY! 8D <3"
03/28 page 65
18.0% "Definition: "Snifter" (n.): Also called an 'inhaler'. A pear-shaped glass, narrowing at the top to intensify the aroma of brandy, liqueur, etc. -- "He [said]...gesturing with the snifter.""
03/28 page 68
19.0% "...STILL LOVE CIAN. *About the only comment worth making right now* X3"
03/28 page 68
19.0% "Definition: "Carafe" (n.): A wide-mouthed glass or metal bottle with a lip or spout, for holding and serving beverages. -- "...she filled some sort of carafe with water...""
03/29 page 76
22.0% "No matter how dire it is, I can never take witches seriously. They seem ridiculous to me, and hold no appeal. *Rolls eyes and shrugs* Eh, whatever. Stupid or not, it's just my preference."
03/29 page 80
23.0% "Keep it in your pants, slut. *All too ready to crack Glenna's skull open the moment she gets stupid* "
03/29 page 81
23.0% "Ugh, you guys are gonna do it. Glenna, you're a weak-willed pussy after all. Figures, considering the type of book this is. Still, what kind of worthless woman throws herself into sex after not even 24 hours? Pathetic."
03/29 page 83
24.0% "GASP! I was actually WRONG! They just felt each other up and made out. Totally not as bad. Doesn't change the fact you two are both spineless and lack the brain capacity not to act like horndogs."
03/29 page 88
25.0% "Oooh~! >8D King's going into the cockpit WITH CIAN. OOHHHHH~~~! TOTALLY YAOIIII~~~! I am WAY too glad to have these two back. XD Compared to the other two, they're DELICIOUS. <333"
03/29 page 88
25.0% "...Hoyt, why are you saying "bloody shame"? You ain't British, hon. You're IRISSHHHHH."
03/29 page 89
25.0% "AND Cian has good taste in music! Hell to the yeah for Nine Inch Nails! <3"
03/29 page 91
26.0% "*Rolls eyes* MAN you're lame, Glenna! What a dull thing to dream about. And really? REALLY? Wanting to scream just cause you wake up to Cian leaning over you? Ugh. Women. " 2 comments
04/02 page 95
27.0% "I don't know what I'm more annoyed with, Glenna: that you just crossed the line by giving Hoyt a kiss on the cheek specifically in the way a girlfriend would--even though all you two want to do is fuck each other like dogs in heat and haven't established the most basic of relationships--or that Hoyt completely ignored you when you did this in an attempt to comfort him. ...wait! I know! You BOTH just suck. 8D"
04/02 page 97
28.0% "Typical. Male lead from ancient time is good with horses. -3- Ahhhaaaaa. *Didn't buy it; let alone the way he talked to the horse* As someone who LOVES her horses and horse books, I KNOW. "
04/02 page 107
30.0% "
04/02 page 114
04/02 page 126
36.0% "Ugh. This "private conversation" Glenna's having with Hoyt sounds like bullshit just to get him alone and try to get some penis out of it. "
04/02 page 128
36.0% "WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU?! WHAT did I just tell you?! I flippin KNEW it! And Glenna, this bullshit about your body being ready but your mind not--Yeah. Making out with a guy cause you want to "feel human" is SO convincing me that your mind is TOTALLY not in ONE place. So convincing me. Completely. Yup. Totally convinced. "
04/02 page 134
38.0% "Well so far I'm liking Moira a lot better. Probably because she's not a slut."
04/02 page 136
39.0% "The only place she feels safe is with a man? Wow... really doing a great job getting that tough woman act along there. *Rolls eyes* God damn the whore."
04/02 page 137
39.0% "WHAT THE HELL!? SHE'S NAKED?! She ran through the damn house and up countless flights of steps to the TOWER WHERE HOYT SLEEPS... NAKED?! WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF EXHIBITION YOU PUTTING ON HERE, WOMAN!? You spineless little TWAT. You're not even strong enough to wake up from a nightmare and GET OVER IT ON YOUR FRICKEN OWN! "
04/02 page 143
41.0% "You're both such bullshitters. We all know you didn't screw each other last night because you're pretending to have some common decency and self-respect, which neither of you seem to possess when it comes to the opposite sex. ...sometimes not even with the same sex. *Narrows eyes at Hoyt*"
04/02 page 147
42.0% "Glenna, you're annoying. Cian, keep doing what you're doing. Or kill the bitch. Seriously. Please. *Is growing a smooth and intense dislike of Glenna*"
04/02 page 153
43.0% "Fucking dumbasses. Didn't you know he was going to come check in on you when you refused to go down to his training? Idiots. "It was no one's fault" my ASS, Glenna! D8< *Slaps her* IDIOT."
04/02 page 155
44.0% " Moira and Cian are BONDING!!!!"
04/02 page 159
45.0% "God, you're all acting like TEENAGERS."
04/02 page 163
46.0% " And in the middle of all this angst and drama, Larkin the shapeshifter comes in and makes me giggle. My God. I love you, Lark~ <3 Because that's what I'm calling you now. X333 Deal with it. <3"
04/02 page 164
47.0% "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!! LARKIN. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! -- "I'll try sweetness and charm with the ladies. They'll either fall for it, or kick me in the balls." -- LOVE. SUCH ULTIMATE LOVE!!!!!!! <3333333333333333333"
04/02 page 165
47.0% "*Rolls eyes in exasperation* UGH. Women! Leave Larkin alone! Men get beat up by other men. That's what real men DO. Don't get your panties in a twist, yeesh. -3-"
04/02 page 167
47.0% "*Rolls eyes* Way to prove you've got nothing to fight for than to try to be the strong hero character that fights for 'all of justice' and all that bullshit, Glenna. Man. You really DO suck. -_- Can't believe I ever even liked you for a second. You're just a jabbering skank."
04/02 page 175
50.0% "...hey, Nora Roberts... you need a lesson in human biology or what? The heart is ABOVE the breasts, not UNDER them."
04/02 page 176
50.0% "So. One week. And you've cracked and are going to have sex with him. Congratulations, Glenna. You're a whore, slut, skank, twat, douche, ho, and you haven't a clue what it means to have a spine! Good day! " 2 comments
04/20 page 208
59.0% " GAH! My God! A woman NAGGING. . . . "
04/20 page 217
62.0% " YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Now because you were worried about SEXISM you got King fucking KIDNAPPED. YOU DOUCHEBAG! YOU TWAT! *CURSES BRAINS OUT* "
04/20 page 231
66.0% "...you killed him. You bullshitted that and just left without even attempting to save him. ...you fucking killed him. "
04/20 page 237
67.0% " It really annoys me that Hoyt and Glenna are so absorbed in each other and too busy fucking one another while Cian is somewhere in the house drinking himself into a stupor because this bitch, Glenna, decided to be a feminist dumbass and wound up getting King KILLED for her stupidity! Screw it. Kill the whore! -____-**"
04/20 page 240
04/20 page 245
70.0% "-_- I'm getting so sick of reading about Hoyt and Glenna's little romantic expeditions, and "thoughts", and feelings. Blah, blahblah blah blah blahblah BLAH. STFU BITCH. D8<"
04/20 page 247
70.0% "Also, that's another thing. Vampires are not demons dumbaaaaaaaasssss. They're DIFFFF ERRRR EEEEENNNNNTTTTT. D8< Get your facts straight! Wouldn't have even brought this up if it wasn't the tenth time stupid Nora Roberts MENTIONED it. Factual and historical evidence my ass."
04/20 page 249
71.0% "...yeaaaah. Sorry. If some dude who I slept with (except I'd never do that because I've actually got some self-respect) and known for only two weeks asked me to come back with him to the twelfth century because he couldn't live "five minutes" without me (yes, that's an actual time dumbass Roberts specified), I'd laugh in his face. God no! Why would I give up my luxuries for some GUY? Psh! Frig' no!"
04/20 page 249
71.0% "Oh, I see. Then he says, "Would you have me if I stayed in your world with you." I see what you did there, Roberts. Cause no female would ACTUALLY do that, you had to make the guy choose to stay with her. -__- ...what a prick you're turning out to be. Seriously, GTFO. You and your shallow concepts."
04/20 page 250
71.0% " A beam of light just fell from the sky and encircled Glenna and Hoyt when they said "I love you" to one another. "
04/20 page 253
72.0% "*Sighs deeply, as though a great weight was lifted off her shoulders* I was right. A fall like that wouldn't have killed a real man. Oops, spoilers? If you didn't think it yourself, you've obviously never known a real man. "
04/20 page 256
73.0% "Know what, Nora Roberts, know what? Fuck you. Just fuck you. Now King's really dead. "
04/20 page 263
75.0% "Really? You're gonna laugh at a moment like this, Glenna? Hoyt's being a narrow-minded, blind fool of a prick, and you use the word "manhood" and start to giggle. You're both absolutely fucking pathetic. *Not even trying to stem the cursing anymore; too pissed off*"
04/20 page 267
76.0% "Ugh. More sex scenes between the idiots."
04/20 page 275
78.0% "So they got a replacement for King and it looks like a kickass chick. ...still not good enough. *Sighs*"
04/21 page 282
80.0% "-_- Really. You're searching her mind to see if she's really who she says she is. Why the HELL do you have to put in a SEX scene with her husband and then one of her after the divorce sobbing? You assholes have no respect for a person's privacy. *Slaps Hoyt for being a jackass*"
04/21 page 285
81.0% "Three weeks later, Hoyt and Glenna are getting married. ...I give it six months."
04/21 page 292
83.0% "...I was gonna say that I'd quit this series after this book is over. But the demon hunter just joined, and she's already spending time with the shapeshifter... and now... I'm intriiiiigued. Still, I'm noticing a pattern and it ticks me off. Nora Roberts refuses to focus on a character unless they're in a relationship. -_- You shallow-minded prig."
04/21 page 305
87.0% ""Get yourself an nine hundred number." -- Nice use of grammar, Roberts. "A* nine hundred number." -3- Seriously."
04/21 page 309
88.0% "Madly in love with Blair. Just saying. If she does end up pairing with Larkin, the shapeshifter, I'ma be haaaappy. Though they're still ignoring the hell out of him unless it's through what Blair "notices". Arrogant prick, this author."
04/21 page 315
89.0% "*Rolls eyes* How predictable. Of COURSE they're going to attack right in the middle of the most important part of the wedding. -3- Confound it. Now we have to go back to it. Laaaame."
04/21 page 321
91.0% "Oh. So story ends here? Glossary next? Don't even feel like reading it. *Rubs a brow and decides to skim through*"
04/21 page 342
97.0% "Nah, that's it. Nothing important after that. Finished finally. -3-"
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Rain Misoa Personally... I would never read a book like this. Nora Roberts is just not someone I will like... her books I mean... yeah, that's what I mean. *Coughs* Anyway, great review! It was funny~ XD

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