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11/22/63 by Stephen King
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Mar 25, 2012

really liked it

I think that if you were born anytime between say 1946 and 1966 you will find something to like in this book. The title, of course, refers to the date John F Kennedy was killed in Dallas. You may think that, like the Holocaust, you have read enough books about the presidential assassination, but it would be a mIstake to pass up this one. The cover picture made me so sad because on the front there was a yellowed newspaper front page about the assasination, and on the back a similar but doctored picture and article showing JFK and Jackie, all smiles of relief with a headline about a close call. As I read the book I kept looking at the picture and feeling so nostallgic and sad wondering how life might have been so different for all of us without the occurrence of such a violent act during our youthful innocence.
At any rate, the book is a time travel yarn and there is nothing quite as fascinating as a really well told lime travel story. This one was exceptional too because it wasn't about the middle ages or some unknowable era, but about the time between 1958 and 1963, "our time."
There were things that were sweet like safe hitch-hiking and things that were awful, like segregation. King has always been good with pop culture and he really put on a good show with the food, the cars, the songs, the clothing, and so much more. But he also captured events such as the Cuban missile crisis through the eyes of the adults who lived through that period, a perspective I hadn't seen or understood at the time.

I had read Don Delilo's excellent book on Lee Harvey Oswald, so I felt like I knew him, and King must have done a really good job researching him because he definitely fit the Oswald I had known. And that was another fascinating aspect of the book, seeing the Oswalds up close and personal.

Some parts are predictable (and not because it's real history), but it's predictable only like a roller coaster, so still exciting.

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Carl Great summary Judith. I was born a little before your date range, but I too learned a great deal from this wonderful book.

Judith You influenced me to read this in the first place, so thanks.

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