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The Killables by Gemma Malley
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Mar 25, 2012

really liked it
Read from May 17 to 18, 2012

And we're back to dystopians!!

A nice read, though the concept is kind of similar to Lauren Oliver's "Delirium".

The Story:

Everyone who lives in the City is labelled by the System. A is the model citizen, whom no form of evil resides in him/her. This is followed by B and C, then D for Deviants and K for Killables. Evil is prohibited in the City. Everyone has their own jobs to do to make the City a productive and safe place to live in. The Brother is sort of the governor, and he ensures things are put in place in the correct manner. New citizens go through a surgical procedure called the New Baptism, to remove part of their amygdala -- essentially the part of the brain where evil can't reside. But beyond the City walls, deranged, hungry people known as the Evils constantly attack the City, so it's never safe.

Evie is coming of age to set up a family and she is matched to model citizen Lucas, an A. By right, she should feel honoured and thankful, yet somehow she can't really feel for the cold, machine-like Lucas. That and the fact she harbours a secret which can jeopardise her life in the City.

When outcast Raffy, who's he complete opposite of his brother Lucas, discovers a glitch in the System, things started to snowball into something Evie couldn't have imagined. And this unexpected chain of events leads her to question her origin, and the information the Brother has fed all of the people about the City.

What I Like About "The Killables":

1. Although the concept isn't something entirely new or different, I found it interesting enough to finish the book in 2 days. Quite a pageturner most of the time, despite some boring parts in the beginning.

2. The characters, even if most of them were unlikable, weren't flat nor generic at all, and I really appreciated that. There was some character depth, but it would have been better to see them develop more. Evie was truly a very conflicted character. She's indecisive, naive, immature, and...weak. It's quite sad to see her being heavily dependent on the opposite sex, to be honest. Raffy was annoying, immature and just plain angsty. I would have liked to see him evolve, but that element was missing. I liked Lucas. His character was slightly more sophisticated, but I thought it was pretty well written.

What I Don't:

1. I totally didn't get the System. How does it label people?? Using what kind of criteria? It wasn't explained. At least in "Scored" by Lauren McLaughlin, she explained how the people were graded in society. Not in this book. I was quite bummed about it.

2. Some aspects were just absurd (and lame). So...let's say you're going to attack a country. Waging a war through stealth attack. How many soldiers would you bring in? Would you bring in enough as backup? I would, of course. Apparently, the people in this book seemed to think themselves as superhumans who could fend off armies. Right... Plus I didn't get the protaganists' so-called plan, because it had so many loopholes. Of course, you'd know what happens if your war strategy fails.


An okay read for me. Beats "The Repossession" that I've read before this, by MILES. Anyway, I thought the character and relationship dynamics worked well for me. There's a dreaded love triangle, yes, but I thought I handled it quite well!

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05/17/2012 page 299
78.0% "evie is really annoying. conflicted, indecisive, stupid. and raffy is just...annoying."
05/18/2012 page 384
100.0% "flaws and all. not that bad though!"

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