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Hereafter by Tara Hudson
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Mar 24, 2012

it was amazing
Read in March, 2012


A paranormal ghost story. The last paranormal ghost story I read was probably The Mediator series by Meg Cabot (so kick-ass), which I read over two years ago. Thank the gods that Hereafter came along, because I was beginning to fear that YA paranormal ghost stories were slowly going extinct.
Hereafter was beautifully haunting, and it left me with goosebumps. I’ve always been a little nervous around the topic of ghosts, probably because they scare me. Amelia, the main character in Hereafter, was actually a friendly ghost, not exactly like Casper, but not evil either. She seemed normal, and sometimes I even forgot that she was a ghost. But my favorite character would have to be Joshua. Sigh. But I’ll tell you more about him later.
In a heavily populated realm of YA paranormal romance, Hudson brings a very unique twist to the table. The main character Amelia, a female, is the one who possesses the paranormal characteristics. While I don’t particularly mind, and in some cases prefer, the male to be the one with the supernatural element in the story, it was a welcome change, and it’s always nice to break up the monotony from time to time.

The story focuses in on Amelia, a ghost who hovers around the river of High Bridge, the place she met her death. She has no recollection of how she died, and bit by bit, as the novel progresses, she begins to regain pieces of her memory. Joshua, a very much alive human, plays her love interest. *SPOILER ALERTS* Amelia saves his life, and it is soon revealed that Joshua happens to be the only person who can see her...and even *giggle* touch her. It seems like they are meant to be...that fate has brought them together.

As Amelia begins to remember how she died...and her life before, deadly secrets are revealed. Amelia and Joshua’s relationship was instant love, and while I am not normally a huge fan of the romance YA paranormal novels, this relationship was very sweet and I really liked the fact that Joshua didn’t bolt when he found out that Amelia was a ghost. He remained true to her. If you're a fan of paranormal romances that doesn't beat around the bush, then you will enjoy the immediate electric connection between these two characters. Although some may say that it was hard to connect with at times, doubting it's believability. I felt like that in the beginning of the book, but as their relationship developed, it was just so romantic and touching that I forgot all about that minor flaw. *SPOILERS OVER*

This book brings something fresh and unique to the paranormal table, and I have a feeling that YA paranormal readers and hopeless romantics alike are going to gobble it up!

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Quotes Riya Liked

Tara Hudson
“Not the kind of unconsciousness that torments the dead, but the kind that kills the living.”
Tara Hudson, Hereafter

Tara Hudson
“See you soon,” I whispered. I bit my lip; and, in a moment of sheer abandon, I added, “I think I might . . . you know . . . love you, by the way.”
“Too,” Joshua whispered back groggily. “Love.”
Tara Hudson, Hereafter

Tara Hudson
“Jillian,” I whispered, “I know you don’t know who I am. But I love your brother, and I know you do too. So . . . do you think you could wake up? Do you think you could at least try?”
For far too long she gave me no response. I’d just about given up—hung my head and prepared myself for the inevitable, impossible job of comforting Joshua—when Jillian whispered back.
“I guess. Since you asked so nicely.”
In spite of everything, a quiet laugh escaped my lips.
“Thank God. Because I have a feeling you’d be a huge pain in the ass if you died.”
Tara Hudson, Hereafter

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