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Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward
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May 05, 2012

it was amazing
Recommended for: Paranormal Romance fans
Read from April 30 to May 04, 2012 — I own a copy , read count: 1

I loved this installment, I'm almost caught up on the series now, just have to get and read Tohr's book then wait on the next one to be written and released! I wasn't sure if I would 100% like Payne cause from the glimpse of her we seen in the last book I wasn't sure if she'd be purely all about the aggression but she pleasantly surprised me and I really liked her character. I'm happy her and V are getting along, I mean they're having their disagreements cause he sees her as his baby sister and wants to protect her when she doesn't need protecting but that's most brother/sister relationships!, outside of that they so far get along great and really care for each other.
It's been a big adjustment for V finding out he has a sister and she's his twin to boot! Payne always knew from birth the truth of her lineage and that she had a twin, V knew only who his father was, then in the space of a year he finds out he's the son of the Scribe Virgin and now he has a twin sister as well! That's a lot for a guy to take in! We also learnt (finally) the truth about how the Bloodletter died and who killed him! He definetly deserved it though.
We also meet the Band of Bastards for the first time, still not sure what to make of them but if they do go after Wrath they'll be on my black list but who knows what's going to happen with them, X-cor could change his mind on those plans as well. He seems to operate under a lot of misconceptions, likely because of the Bloodletter's influence on him from young, I'm hoping he'll see he's wrong about Wrath and the Brotherhood and change his plans there as well. At the start of the novel he was all about killing Payne cause he believed her to have wronged him and his bloodline, she set him straight when he kidnapped her though and thankfully he believed her. I will admit that in the scene he confronted and accused her, I did at first think he accepted what she told him a little too easy, until I realised he must have been having a lot of doubts on it for a long long time and she was confirming what he'd already suspected was true.
I still want to slap Qhuinn but at least he's made progress through admitting to someone that he is in love with Blay, now if only he could get over himself enough to go and admit it to Blay cause I'm really routing for those two to get together cause it breaks my heart that he hurt Blay the way he did and they're both pining for each other but hiding it from each other!
As for Manuel, I love him in this, he's really grown on me and I can see him fitting in really well with the Brothers! He and V didn't get on at the start but I honestly think V has come to love the guy at the end there! Lol, he's already started playing tricks on him like he would with the rest of his brothers, messing with his car to swap out his music on him and the fact that Manny is planning on doing the same on V in revenge just makes me more convinced that he's going to get along with the brothers really well!

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