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Geared for Pleasure by Rachel Grace
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Apr 02, 12

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Read from March 24 to 31, 2012

Earthly Desires

The world of Theorrey is ruled by the much beloved Queen Idony the Every Young. When she goes missing, her closest friend and protector, Dare, sets out to find her. But Dare is unfamiliar with the world outside the castle walls and soon finds herself at the mercy of a wickedly handsome man. Bodhan is captain of the Siren, a underwater vessel that caters to a man's carnal desires. After rescuing Dare from some unsavory people, Bodhan finds himself captivated by the indigo haired beauty. Bodhan has a limited time to prove to Dare that he'll not only treat her body to unimaginable pleasure but that he's capable of keeping her heart and her secrets safe.

The detail that went into the setting and people in this story was amazing. I could picture myself walking through the market of Center City, looking over all the trinkets and food that's being offered for sale. I loved it and was in awe of the unique, and often really cool, gadgets and machines that were a vital part of this world.

When it came to explaining how Theorrey worked, I found myself getting confused. With all the politics of who doesn't like who and who is behind what schemes, I found myself having more questions than answers. I also wasn't convinced that Dare and Bodhan really loved each other by the end of this story. Sure, the sex was hot, although I thought Dare jumped into bed way too quickly for someone with zero experience in that area, I had a difficult time feeling there was anything substantial to their relationship. I liked all the fighting and action at the end that leads into the next story but the highlight was taking the tour around parts of Theorrey and being able to see things like an underwater bordello, hologram projecting bugs, and weapons that cold do some serious damage.
My rating: 3/5

Fiery Temptations

This story starts right where Earthly Desires leaves off. Cyrus, the Queen's Sword, is recovering after being abducted and abused. He feels he should despise Seraphina, a feline-human hybrid, for playing a part in his disappearance but his body has an altogether different reaction to the fierce vixen. The usual fun loving Phina is racked with guilt for what happened to Cyrus. She knows she deserves his hatred but is surprised to see heated passion in his eyes. As they set out to find a stolen dagger and save their missing queen, Cyrus and Phina will work past the anger to form a relationship they'll do anything to hold on to.

As in the first story, I loved all the work the author put into describing the characters and setting. I was easily able to imagine what everything looked like while I was reading and it made for a more enjoyable read. Yet as much as I appreciated and liked taking a vivid tour of Theorrey, the characters are what really captured my attention during the second half of this book.

Cyrus is close to the queen and feels he's failed her. Phina is also feeling some guilt because of the role she played in Cyrus' capture. As you may guess, things are rough between them at first but there's always a powerful spark between them. Both have surprising secrets of their own and each has a sad story to tell. Cyrus is trained to show restraint and calm while Phina is a thief and loves to have a good time. On the surface they may seem to be opposites but they are unquestionably loyal to those they love and together, set the pages on fire. Their love making is as intense as their feelings for one another. A really fantastic couple and the main reasons why I liked this book.
My rating: 4/5

Cyrus, Phina, Dare, Bodhan and the rest of the crew are still searching for the queen and I look forwad to seeing where their adventures lead them in the next book. Geared for Pleasure took me deeper into the world of Steampunk than I've ever been before and if other books in the genre are as good as this one, I need to pick up more.
My overall rating: 3.5/5

- Stephanie
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