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Immortal by Bryl R. Tyne
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Mar 24, 12

In the short story Immortal, Bryl R. Tyne leads us into a world he has created where vampires are the norm and creatures of all kinds roam the land. We meet up with the main character (Ivis) who has been "adopted" by the Nevsky tribe of vampires since the age of 4 when he was found alone, wandering the hostile countryside. He has since grown into a young man and fallen in love with the heir apparent, Sefton. Unlike his father, Sefton is not a bloodthirsty, power grabbing sort; rather he finds himself hopelessly in love with Ivis and wanting to protect him at all costs. The cost of his love for Ivis turns out to be in jeopardy when his father finds out that Ivis has left to find his roots, traveling to see if he still has family alive. Sefton's father is enraged and threatens to drain his son completely unless he brings back Ivis, who appears to be an Immortal--a water elemental. Thus begins a dual journey, Ivis finding his mother and brother and coming to terms with his own immortal powers and Sefton going through torture to be with the man he loves.

The story was at times rather confusing---many threads were left undone--story lines left unfinished so it is my hope that Mr. Tyne will write a sequel to this short story. However, for such a short amount of prose, I found myself drawn to these characters, fascinated by their word and eager to read more about them!

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