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Fairy Bad Day by Amanda Ashby
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Mar 24, 2012

it was ok
Read from August 09 to 16, 2013

I feel terrible for giving this book such low rating. I'm usually a generous rating-giver and the idea of the story is impressive, but...

The inconsistencies of the plot was terrible.

The darkhel is about the size of a dragon and grew even bigger when it regained its soul, I can't see how possible it is for the darkhel to flip pages of a book especially when its talons are so mighty sharp it could have punctured the book in one grip-oh yeah. I forgot, maybe because the book is MAGICAL. Watev.

Then there's Emma slitting the darkhel's throat...

""Well, trick this," Emma shouted as she lunged and then jumped up off her good ankle. As she became airborne, she used her mom's dagger and slashed it across the darkhel's throat. The minute the foul creature fell to the ground, she leaned over and started to pour the crushed Sour Skittles into the open wound. The darkhel reached up and pushed its talons deep into her calf muscle, ripping away at the tendon as it tried to use her leg to help it stand up. Emma ignored the pain that lanced through her."

First, no one can jump so high using one leg (I've tried it just now and I look like a limping kangaroo. Not funny.) And used a dagger (size emphasized)to cut through a thick and blistered skin of a darkhel. And no sane creature would fall to the ground when their throat's cut, the darkhel could have stumbled unto something or squeezed the life out of its throat to stop the bleeding. And how was Emma able to lean over the the darkhel's throat? Did she stepped on the darkhel itself? or were her arms incredibly long? 'Cause last time I checked, the darkhel was enormous. Although the thought of the Sour Skittles as weapon was cute. Then there's the darkhel injuring Emma's calf. If the darkhel is the strongest,worst and almost invincible among the elementals, I don't see why it chose to injure Emma when it can rip her apart or smash her to the walls. And can't it just use the ground to stand up? It's more stable and stronger.

I don't know. Is it just me-terribly lacking in imagination? or what?
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