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Lice smrti by Cody McFadyen
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Mar 26, 12

Read from March 24 to 25, 2012

As for the positive sides of this book I have nothing to add that wasn't said in first few reviews here. If you like crime/mysteries with elements of horror, this is a book for you.
But I would like to point up reasons why I rate it with 4 stars and even thought of giving 3.

What bothers me the most about this book are characters who are like caricatures, totally extremes. We have perfectly good and full of love character, almost all of them are fearless, everyone are perfect in what they do etc. That wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't repeated all the time. Every time Callie is mentioned we are informed that she's beautiful and she loves coffee, when Elaina is mentioned we are informed how perfectly good and how full of love she is etc.
I also didn't like all the digressions, they only made book far too long and diluted. Like detailed diary for example, why going so much in details with irrelevant characters and events.
I think that ending was too quick and revelation of villain was shallow, especially after so long and detailed rest of the book.
I wrote only about negative parts only because most people talk all positive about it, so I don't want to repeat too much of they words.

I read first two parts of Smoky series and I will read the rest and I recommend it to everyone who loves good crime/mystery but I really hope that there is not so many caricature characters and so many digressions in other books.


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