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Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett
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** spoiler alert ** Well, yeah, okay. I loved the book because it was intriguing, and I might add to myself that after I read Immortals by Alyson Noel, I am losing my 'appetite' of reincarnation and so on. Eternal Starling brought my appetite back, just enough so I can enjoy the book. I enjoyed it, and I loved this book.

Evangeline 'Evie' Starling meets up with Alex Stone when she gets lost hiking. She feels sparks between them, and she experiences a strange dream the first time she touches Alex. Later, they start a relationship, and Alex is a girls's dream, he treats Evie right. But when Evie feels like someone's following her, she finds Alex starts to act strange and can't explain it to her. So they break up.

Later, she meets Emil Stone, a gorgeous boy--or god--who kisses her in the middle of the cafetaria, in front of everyone. She feels the same sparks to Emil like the ones she feels to Alex. Evie and Emil start hanging out, but Alex comes back. It turns out Alex and Emil claim themselves as Evie's long-lost soulmate. Alex believes that Emil, a part of Daevos Resistance that has been killing the ones like Evie, will want to kill Evie too. Alex himself is a part of Amaranthine Society, a group of immortals like Daevos are, but he's Evie's protector. But Emil is convinced that he's different, that he loves Evie and he's Evie's true soulmate.

Having two gorgeous men who claim to be your soulmate should have make her flattered, but she can't. Because now people from Daevos are searching her and are determined to kill her.

The story was beautiful, but Evie seems--feels--too ordinary. She's no a fighter, and it's Alex and Emil save the day for her. Okay, she can deal with her troubles better than I expected, but I did hope that at least she's not whiny.

I don't know if I'd read the second book. I just have to remember to add the second book or I'll forget

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