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Across the Universe by Beth Revis
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Mar 23, 12

really liked it
Read on March 23, 2012

Amy signs up with her family to travel to a new planet. The catch is they have to be frozen, because it takes three hundred years to get there. Amy leaves everything behind, including her boyfriend Jason to go with her parents. Once frozen you should not remember anything. Well Amy is frozen and is still thinking.


Someone has pulled her box from the shelf. They have unfrozen her. Amy is choking on the tubes down her throat. Luckily Elder is there with Doc to save her. They can't figure out who would have unfrozen her. But now she has to stay unfrozen. And she has to wait fifty more years before her parents get unfrozen.

They are on the ship Godspeed, trying to get to Centauri- earth where the people on the ship will repopulate the new planet. The people on the ship are different then Amy. They all have the same colored hair, eyes and all look somewhat the same. They also are ruled by Eldest, and then when he dies his predecessor is Elder (but will become Eldest when Eldest dies). There are feeders who farm the fake land in the ship and the are basically mindless and follow Eldest and believe anything he tell them. Then there are the Crazy people who live in the Ward. But they are actually the genius people, they are artists and writers. 

Since Elder saved her, Amy and him have become very close. Amy tells stories of what Earth was like before. As they become closer they are discovering secrets about the ship and why things are the way there are. They find out that the Doc gives medicine to the pregnant feeder woman so they birth genius children, and that there is birth control and mind control mess in the water. They end up killing Eldest, so Elder becomes the new leader. They have plans to change things.

I really liked this book. It was dystopian but was way different then any I have read before, because they are in space. I can't wait to find out more secrets and see if Elder and Amy act on their attraction in a permanent way. I  really love Amy's character. She is so strong despite having to not have her parents "with" her. She goes through a lot and it doesn't seem to break her, she just keeps living and dealing. I also really like Elder due to the fact that he is the only one besides Amy who is strong enough to stand up to Eldest and disagree with what Eldest is teaching and doing. I am looking forward to the new novel.
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