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How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G.A. Aiken
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The best parts of Book 5 were the fight scenes (Crazy, crazy Annwyl- Every book on the planet needs a crazy Annwyl) so I'm really hoping Book 6 has plenty of action and adventure and plot. It makes for a heftier, less cloying read than many books in this genre... more of a paranormal/fantasy in which the characters fall for each other than a plain paranormal romance.

I've always pictured Éibhear as a bigger version of Smallville's Clark Kent (big, gorgeous, bumbling, and sweet). Is that just me?

EDIT: Loved it! 3 parts action: 1 part romance - just as it should be with characters who are self-aware and intelligent and who know they just need to get their timing right. Yes, the planet continues to turn while you're waiting for Mr/Ms Right! This world just keeps growing and becoming more fleshed out and even when the characters & gods start to remind me a bit of The Belgariad Boxed Set or some similar series, the fists-to-the-face and the sexy times pull it back from the edge. Izzy is a worthy successor to Annwyl as an action hero and (in a genre where the sequel always features the heroine becoming destructively boy-crazy & getting into a love triangle of some kind) it was refreshing to see Izzy maturing into a woman who knows who & what she wants but isn't going to ruin her life & reputation to get him.
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message 1: by Llsbear3 (new) - added it

Llsbear3 I don't think Eibhear is as clueless as Smallville's

PointyEars42 Llsbear3 wrote: "I don't think Eibhear is as clueless as Smallville's

I stopped watching the show pretty early on because I got really tired of how every character except Lex bored me to tears and started reading fanfic instead (fanfic writers tend to make Clark smarter & less oblivious than the TV writers do), so I'll take your word for it :)

message 3: by Llsbear3 (new) - added it

Llsbear3 The TV writers didn't want Kent to have all them super
powers plus be smarter than everyone else too.

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