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The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan
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Apr 08, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 22 to April 08, 2012

The Great Hunt is the second chapter in the Wheel of Time series and it not only builds on the events and characters from the first book, it expands the world and introduces some new characters and races in the book that make the world feel that much larger and consequently, more interesting. The introduction of the Seanchan, for example, make a fascinating race to add to the mix I don't think we've heard the last from them despite how the book ended. We also get a bit more understanding of who the Aes Sedai are and what goes on in the tower which made for some pretty compelling chapters and gave me a better sense of who they are. Jordan also explores several other cultures, some new, some we already knew about, throughout the book all of which made the world seem more real and fleshed out to me.

Much of what made the first book so good was present in this story but we've definitely left behind many of the similarities with Tolkien that were a bit distracting in the first book. Jordan seems to have really found his own voice in this book and the narrative seems to flow fairly effortlessly between plot threads until they all meet up towards the end. I spent a lot less time trying to keep track of who's who and now that I'm familiar with the players, I found myself just being able to settle into the groove and enjoy the story as it unfolded. There were, of course, the requisite twists in the story and a couple of characters were revealed to be Darkfriends - 1 who was blindingly obvious and the other definitely not. There was plenty of action throughout and I felt like the book was pretty well balanced between world building, action, humor, suspense and various other elements.

Finally, the events in the last few chapters really set up the much larger story that will play out over the next 12 books and given how it ends, it makes you immediately want to start the next book as it really kind of ends on a giant cliff-hanger, though there's little doubt about how it will be resolved. While I wouldn't say the book was without flaws, it was a very strong addition to the series and I'd definitely recommend it to any fan of Fantasy.

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