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Brave New Girl by Louisa Luna
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Jan 24, 2015

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2006-and-prior, ya, lady-lit

I read this at least six or seven times when it first came out. I was in my early teens and I remember this girl Doreen's voice being one of the first voices that really sounded like mine (and maybe a little bit like Daria Morgendorffer's, who not coincidentally was the heroine of my and my BFF's lives).

There's a part of the book that's stuck with me to this day. One of the plotlines of the story is that Doreen's popular older sister Tracy's boyfriend Matthew is a giant creeper that keeps hitting on Doreen. You can see where this is going, to unpleasant places. At one point, Matthew overcompliments her for something, I forget what, and Doreen thinks "Whatever, man. Glad I could make your day." really sarcastically.*

Every time some guy hits on me at random or gives me some over the top compliment or sometimes, depending on my mood, shows any sort of interest in me at all, this is my first thought. "Whatever, man. Glad I could make your day." I still hear it in my head in Doreen's voice. It's hilariously dismissive of the sort of machismo that makes some men think their attention gives a woman her worth. In that moment, I felt like I wanted to be Doreen, I thought it was so awesome. And that was probably the first stirring of young feminism inside of me.

* = I don't think this is it verbatim, but it's very similar.
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Louisa Luna
“Everything's such an effort, even caring a little. Even being such a gigantic fuck-up wears me out. ”
Louisa Luna, Brave New Girl

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message 1: by Snotchocheez (new)

Snotchocheez (refrained from [ahem] "liking" this review for fear of repercussions,)

rachel Hahahaha. I only said "some"!

rachel Apologies for any Room-related flashbacks you may have just had.

message 4: by Snotchocheez (new)

Snotchocheez Haha. Whatever, (wo)man. Glad you could make my day (though only slightly, mind you.)

rachel Perfect!

Tina Daley I still reading it on my 50th time I love this book the book is like my life.

rachel It is a great book, Tina. I'm glad someone else loves it as much as I do.

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