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Guinness World Records 2012 by Guinness World Records
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Mar 26, 2012

it was amazing
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Read in March, 2012

This book is a great book to know about the world. Want to learn more about animals, and engineering? We got it all on this book called Guinness World Records 2012 by Guinness World Records. It even tells us what is the most awesome stuff in each country. This book is mostly about the World records just as it says in the book. From Asia to North America learn about everything, and be smart! Every year there is one book all different from each other. This book is recommended for all ages since it is easy, full of great pictures, and information.

I thought this book was a great book because it had keys, and clear information. One key that was in this book were the red, and yellow dot. They were a key because they indicated whether the record was new or not. The red one was a new record, and the yellow one was an old record that was broken. One example for the clear information is when they added an picture to the explanations on records. The pictures also made it easy to realize what they were talking about like the Largest objects lifted by helium balloons. Another example when this book had clear explanations was when they added details on other pages like the information for dogs. It was clear because at first it showed about the daily important life about them, and later on about there height, and talents they have.

Some of the important facts I learned was that a chihuahua wasthe smallest dog ever living. This is an important fact because this proved to me that things or animals might not be the same size they are suuppose to be. This means that some people may be small, and big. However, we are all the same. Another thing I learned is that a beard can grow really long without falling out. This is important because I always thought that beards are just like hair so they fall out easily. Howeve, I was wrong because the beard just kept on growing, and never fell out easily.

after you read my responce I hope you had already got the book. This book is filled with fact, and pictures so you should definetly read it again, and again. It might make you also set an Genius World Record someday!

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