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The Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis
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Mar 29, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 27 to 29, 2012

I fell in love with this book the first time I saw it on my Recommended in Goodreads. It was quite funny because I delete the entire romance book that I didn’t think it was interesting. A minute later I come back to it to make sure I clean it well and there was this one new book alone. To be honest, I guess it was the title that had makes me want to read it right away. Then the cover was second. When I read the summary, I knew for sure that I must have it! Every page I read had filled me with so much love and compassion. I loved it till the end. I cried and cried and I would just lay on my bed, never to stop thinking about it. It is a well written and VERY beautiful story that I MUST MUST MUST buy it! It is a story that I can never forget if someone told me “what is one of the beautiful novel that had change you?” And with a quick answer I would yelled. “THIS!” waving a copy of “The Storyteller.”
Anna’s life has change when she found a doll in her classroom. She realized that the doll belongs to a boy who everybody called the “Polish peddler.” A boy who she knew as Abel Tannatek. All Anna knew about him is that he’s a drug dealer, a bad news. But whatever spells that Abel cast, Anna is already enchanted by him. On the day she met him, she followed him. Then she saw a little girl with him, holding the dolls. Anna realized that Abel has to do what he had to do: he has a little sister, Micha. As Abel speaks to Micha, Anna knows that not only is he a drug dealer, he’s also a storyteller. Abel find out and no matter how hard he push her away, Anna had change his heart and he continue to tell his fairy tale story. Stories that seem to related to him, his little sister, and Anna is now part of his world as the “Rose Girl.” But when people are ending up dead just like what happened in Abel’s stories, something had trigger in Anna’s mind about him. Is she falling in love with a killer? But her heart continues to grow for him. For now she is part of his stories, his soul, and his heart. But is their love for each other strong enough to change the tales?
It’s so beautiful!!!! And I will say it again a thousand times over. When I go back to the book store, that the first thing I want to buy. The relationship between Anna and Abel is so heartbreaking and intense that I just want to cry under my blanket. Gosh, I never read any broken couple as those two. The ending is... IDK?! I’m so happy and sad and my tear is both joy and sorrow. The character that Abel is so descriptive. The author did so well with all her characters! I come to understand why Abel had to come with not just one choices but with so many and dangerous decisions. I would like to put spoiler here but I don’t want to because people will eventually click on it and read it anyway AND then decided not read it anymore. And poor Anna! I love her. Every time when she out there and I can feel her emotion and her love for Abel and his sister. There’s such so many emotion and choices-making in every pages. I believed that this one of best romance book I ever read. And it not just only romance but every day choices. And that no matter what choices you make, love will conquer all, even for those who felt that they don’t deserved it.


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