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Glimpse by Stacey Wallace Benefiel
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Mar 22, 12

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I had read a short story of Stacey's that came from Avery (Zellie's boyfriend) and I loved it!! This book was no different for me. Despite the fact that I learned it was difficult writing Zillie for Stacey at times, you really couldn't tell! This book was written really smoothly as far as I was concerned and gave me quite a few laughs.
To say the least Zellie is rather quirky at times and full of personality. At her 16th borthday party she begins to see things. Not like ghost or any form of dead people but the future. To start it's really a glimpse of what will be a persons end and to say the least it is a shock. Her first thoughts are to tell her BFF Claire but it doesn't quite come as easily as she had hoped it would. She tells her mom before anyone and doesn't like how that turns out really at all. She holds back telling her friend and boyfriend until a certain circumstance forces it out of her and the results are not so awesome. However Claire is AMAZING! I think she is the best BFF/Sidekick (as she likes to call herself) ever! She is so freaking loyal and I don't think there is a bone in her entire body that could be not loyal to Zellie! She even leaves with Zellie and her sister Melody for the summer as to continue to help and support her!
For the first bit of the story you don't get to see/know much about what Zellie and her family can do. It is a lot of character building and getting to know your surroundings. I know that doesn't sound all that great but Stacey actually made it totally rock at the same time. Sometimes I feel authors either take too long or don't outline their characters well enough because of not wanting to drag it out. This was a wonderful surprise that I still wanted to read more and more even without fully knowing exactly where everything was headed and trust me there was so many ways that it could have gone! The way it went was awesome though!!
This book completely met my expectations and was a lot of fun to read!! I would like to leave you with a few humerous Zellie moments that I just can't resist sharing:
Zellie on first kiss with Avery- "...I didn't think the whole "dry hump as a first kiss"
experience was normal."
Melody on Zellie getting ready- "What are you doing in here? It smells like a freaking Bath and Body Works exploded!"
Zellie on Avery Comment- "If I had to get up at five every morning and loofah the bejeezus..."

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